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McIntosh County - 12 Attractions You Must Visit

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About McIntosh County

McIntosh County, Georgia is an area full of incredible history and culture. Its roots lie in the early Native Americans that inhabited it and later developed into a prosperous agricultural region. The county is well known for its collection of historic buildings from the 18th century plantation and stately antebellum homes to the small fishing villages along the coast. Famous for its scenic beauty, the area features pristine beaches, lush forests, and crystalline waterways perfect for exploratio

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Attractions in McIntosh County

Altamaha River
Altamaha RiverAltamaha River, Georgia, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Altamaha River meandering through McIntosh County and beyond. It is an integral part of the region's ecology and culture, spanning over 200 miles and carrying with it a rich history and abundance of wildlife. From the cypress swamps around its headwaters to the expansive estuary at its conclusion, the river offers a variety of charming views to all who visit it. With abundant spotted seatrout, red drum, flounder, striped bass and other fish species in its waters.

Altamaha Wildlife Management Area
Altamaha Wildlife Management AreaTownsend, GA 31331, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds
Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Altamaha Wildlife Management Area is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. Spanning across 43,200 acres of land and 688 acres of water, the area is a hotspot for numerous species of fish, birds and mammals. Here you can find Marsh Wrens, American White Pelicans and Ospreys nesting among its giant Oak and Bald Cypress trees. Fishing opportunities abound thanks to its interesting topography – from hundreds of acres in shallow or submerged areas to deep depression ponds.

Darien River
Darien RiverDarien River, Georgia 31305, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Darien River is a key feature of the landscape, running through its middle as it accesses the Atlantic Ocean. The river runs southwesterly to its mouth near the coast, and offers a variety of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Boating, swimming, kayaking and fishing are all ways to enjoy the pristine waters in its region. Darien River also offers beautiful scenery with lush marshlands that are home to many species of birds and other wildlife.

Doboy Sound
Doboy SoundDoboy Sound, Georgia, USA
Outdoors- Other

The Doboy Sound is a serene and natural landscape located along the southeastern coast of the United States. The region is home to multiple rare species of plant and animal life, including several endangered birds such as Piping Plovers and Black Skimmers. Sailing on marshes, inlets and canals across Doboy Sound provides a breathtaking experience, while outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking and birdwatching offer visitors a chance to engage with nature.

Eagle Island
Eagle IslandEagle Island, Georgia 31305, USA
Outdoors- Other

Eagle Island is a unique place with beautiful beaches and lush marshlands. Its sandy beaches flank the Sapelo River, which also provides some of the best fishing in Georgia. As an island, it has protected forests that are home to diverse wildlife, including alligators. There's no shortage of activities on Eagle Island - visitors can explore the grounds by foot and bike, or take a boat tour around the island to spot even more wildlife in its untouched wilderness areas.

Georgia Peach World
Georgia Peach World2081 GA-57, Townsend, GA 31331, USA
Outdoors- Other

Georgia Peach World is a great way to experience the taste of one of the region's biggest agricultural successes. This incredible family-owned farm features U-Pick peaches, blueberries and muscadines from August through September, and apples from September to October. Tourists can wander through dozens of peach and apple trees for sparkling fruit ripe for picking, or pick up a basket already prepared with fresh produce.

Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge
Harris Neck National Wildlife RefugeHarris Neck National Wildlife Refuge, Townsend, GA 31331, USA
Outdoors- Other
Wildlife Sanctuaries

Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge is a 2,762-acre refuge providing an important habitat for a number of wildlife species. Home to hundreds of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, the refuge also serves as a key migratory stopover and resting point for osprey, northern Harriers and bald eagles. Visitors to the refuge can enjoy four hiking trails that range from one to six miles long as well as five story observation towers which allow visitors to observe wildlife from above.

Hog Hammock, Georgia
Hog Hammock, GeorgiaHog Hammock, Georgia, Georgia 31327, USA
Outdoors- Other

Hog Hammock is a distinct community primarily inhabited by the Gullah-Geechee people, many of whom are descendants of West African slaves brought to the United States in the slavery era. This small remains largely independent with its own unique blend of African American and Caribbean culture, including language, cuisine, religion and lifestyle. It benefits from its proximity to the ocean, offering tourists delightful fishing villages pass time activities such as crabbing or boat trips.

Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve
Outdoors- Other

Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve offers one of the most unique marine ecosystems in America. This 4,700 acre reserve consists of tidal creeks, salt marshes, mud flats and barrier beach islands, as well as miles of undeveloped beaches. As a research preserve it is a living outdoor laboratory utilized by students and researchers to study an intact estuarine habitat. In addition to its research purposes, It boasts many recreational activities.

Sapelo Island Wildlife Management Area
Sapelo Island Wildlife Management Area1766 Landing Rd, Meridian, GA 31319, USA
Wildlife Sanctuaries

Sapelo Island Wildlife Management Area is a stunning example of coastal nature and wildlife. Located just off the coast of Georgia, Sapelo Island covers over 4,500 acres of marshes, tidal creeks, maritime forests, sand dunes, and beachfront. There are incredible opportunities here to witness more than 200 species of birds soar across the skies and explore their habitats throughout the island.

Sapelo Lighthouse
Sapelo LighthouseLighthouse Rd, Georgia 31327, USA

Sapelo Lighthouse has been a beacon to passing ships since its construction in 1820. The four-story structure stands tall, announcing its presence on Sapelo Island with a black and white band of paint that still shows the wear of battling fierce coastal winds. Its Fresnel lens emits a beam that reaches 19 nautical miles into the night. This beacon of hope has helped keep mariners safe while they traverse Georgia's rugged shoreline.

Smallest Church In America
Smallest Church In AmericaTownsend, GA 31331, USA
Old Ruins

The Smallest Church in America, is a charming reminder of times past. Built in 1893 with donated labor and materials, the pine frame church was dedicated to Episcopal congregation in 1915. The one-room building measures 22 feet by 17 feet - the size of a modern living room - and is heated by an old potbellied stove. Seating 32 people comfortably on pews with inset chairs, it has been lovingly maintained by parishioners and local volunteers over the years.

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