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About Houston County

Houston County, Georgia is a beautiful area located in Middle Georgia. It contains over 139,000 people who are friendly and welcoming. The downtown area of Perry is a place that visitors from around the state come to explore its rich history and culture. Houston County is also known for its amazing fishing spots, forests, farms, and swamps. From hiking trails along the Ocmulgee River to the recreational activities at the Houston Lake Park or Lake Joy Recreation Area, there's always something fun

Types of Attractions in Houston County

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List of Attractions in Houston County

Big Indian Creek Waterway Trails

Big Indian Creek Waterway Trails offers a variety of activities with something for everyone. With over 1,000 acres of land dedicated to the trails, there is plenty of room for hiking, fishing and paddling along the four miles of wilderness shoreline. For those looking for more adventure or higher speeds there is a 10-acre motorcross track. Additionally, visitors can explore different ecosystems preserved by this protected area.

Flat Creek Public Fishing Area

Flat Creek Public Fishing Area offers outdoor enthusiasts a place to soak up the beauty of nature. Located along the Flint River, this 200 acre area provides ample fishing opportunities including largemouth bass, bluegill and redear sunfish. With two lakes and five miles of creek shoreline, there are chances to try fly-fishing, trolling or casting a line with bait or lures. The area also provides campsites and picnic areas should visitors wish to relax while they enjoy the great outdoors.

Go Fish Education Center

Go Fish Education Center

Iconic Buildings

Go Fish Education Center,is dedicated to helping children build a strong foundation for environmental education. Through hands-on activities, field trips, summer camps, and special events like the Annual Fishing Rodeo and Birding Festival, the center strives to help kids connect to nature and fish habitats. Kids also have the chance to learn about local conservation initiatives and develop leadership skills through this center.

Lake Houston

Lake Houston

Lake/ River/ Ponds

Houston Lake is a man-made lake, which was created in 1935 by the damming of Owls Creek and covers approximately 255 acres of land. This popular recreational spot offers a variety of activities, such as fishing, boating and swimming. With its crystal clear waters and sandy shoreline, this lake creates the perfect backdrop for a day on the lake. Whether you are there to relax or enjoy some water sports, Houston Lake has something for everyone!

Little League Southeast Park

Little League Southeast Park is the perfect spot for a friendly game of baseball or a barbecue with friends. Not only is the park beautifully landscaped and well maintained, but it also boasts amenities such as dugouts, batting cages, concession stands, bathrooms and even shaded picnic tables for families to enjoy. The playing field is an attractive blend of soft grass and clay outfield which provides a safe and enjoyable surface for players of all ages.

Museum of Aviation

The Museum of Aviation is a fantastic place to experience the history and excitement of aviation. Visitors get the unique opportunity to explore one of the most comprehensive collections of aircrafts in the southeast with more than 90 historic aircrafts on display. Guests can take a step back in time and explore original artifacts, interactive exhibits, flight simulators and educational programs that help bring aviation history to life.

National Prisoner of War Museum

The National Prisoner of War Museum, is a unique and important part of American history. Established in 1998, the museum provides visitors with an in-depth look into the experience of prisoners of war and lets them explore events that occurred during wars such as World War II and the Vietnam War. From letters to artifacts and special exhibits, the museum offers a wide range of materials that help bring these past events to life.

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