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Monuments to Explore in Habersham County

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Habersham County

Habersham County, Georgia is located in the northeastern corner of the state, near both the North Carolina and South Carolina borders. It is home to more than 45,000 residents who enjoy its friendly Southern atmosphere, majestic mountain views, and abundance of outdoor recreational activities including hiking, camping, and fishing. The county seat is the charming city of Clarkesville which offers residents a variety of local restaurants, museums, galleries and boutiques. These amenities combined

Monuments to Explore in Habersham County

The Big Red Apple

The Big Red Apple is a symbol of regional pride for Habersham residents. Located atop a hill overlooking the village, the 50 foot tall structure was erected in 2001 by local businessman Elijah Jenkins to capture the agricultural heritage of the area and honor its ancestors. Every fall, it becomes the center of festivities such as corn mazes and hay rides, bringing together family and friends from near and far to enjoy and celebrate their community ties.

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