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Man-made Structures- Other to Explore in Gordon County

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Gordon County

Gordon County, located in northwest Georgia, is a historically and culturally rich area with plenty of attractions to explore. The county seat is Calhoun, which has become a mecca of sorts for civil war buffs interested in its many historical sites such as the Confederate War Monument and Gordon Historical Park. Not just for history lovers, the county offers unique shopping adventures at popular outlets like Outlet Shoppes at Calhoun. In terms of outdoor recreation, hikers from all over visit Go

Man-made Structures- Other to Explore in Gordon County

New Echota State Historic Site

New Echota State Historic Site marks the location of the former capital of the Cherokee Nation. Located within site boundaries lies a reconstructed museum and visitor center, Supreme Court museum and law office, dungeon jail structure, a print shop building as well as 18th and 19th century homes. Visiting this historic site will take you on a journey through time as you step back to experience the town New Echota was during its peak in the 1820's.

Map of Man-made Structures- Other to explore in Gordon County