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Franklin County, located in the northwest corner of Georgia, is known as the Garden Spot of Georgia. With rolling hills and abundant forests, Franklin offers beauty and tranquility for residents and visitors alike. This area of Georgia has an agricultural heritage that continues to this day, with peanuts and peaches being some of the more popular commodities from the county. The people of Franklin take pride in their agricultural background, hosting an annual Peanut Festival to celebrate the reg

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Cromer's Mill Covered Bridge

Cromer's Mill Covered Bridge, is an elegant reminder of a bygone era. Built in 1894, this single-span wooden bridge stands as one of the state’s oldest surviving covered bridges. The width of the bridge measures fifteen feet wide and sixty feet long and it is built over a small creek using rustic hand-hewn materials. In 1997 it was damaged by flooding in the area, but today it has been restored to its former condition with a fresh layer of siding and paint to keep it standing strong.

Franklin Springs

Franklin Springs

Outdoors- Other

Old Towns

Franklin Springs, is a small town with much to offer its residents. With access to plenty of outdoor activities and a charming main street, the town remains popular among locals and tourists alike. Specifically, individuals enjoy fishing and boating at Lake Hartwell for recreation and relaxation opportunities as well as antique shopping throughout the downtown area.

Tugaloo State Park

Tugaloo State Park

Outdoors- Other

Tugaloo State Park is a nature lovers delight. As part of the larger Lake Hartwell region, visitors can take advantage of recreational activities such as fishing and boating. Beyond that, the area boasts a variety of trails which span through forested terrain and by lovely streams - ideal for leisurely strolls or hiking excursions. Picnic areas lie near to the lake, providing plenty of ambiance as well as a space to relax with family or friends.

Ty Cobb Museum

The Ty Cobb Museum is a must-see destination for baseball fans and history buffs alike. Audio-visual displays tell the story of Ty Cobb's life, from his childhood in rural Georgia to his time as one of baseball's greatest players. Visitors can view original artifacts from his career such as vintage jerseys, awards, and equipment used during his Hall of Fame career. Additionally, engaging digital exhibits share some lesser known facts about Ty Cobb's life outside of the diamond.

Victoria Bryant State Park

Victoria Bryant State Park is a beautifully preserved and delightful park. Over 550 acres of hiking trails, picnic areas, a lake for fishing and swimming, campgrounds, and other outdoor recreation can be found here. The park offers breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains from its rolling hills. With a variety of activities to choose from and gorgeous landscapes all around, It is the perfect spot for families looking for a weekend retreat or friends wanting a quick getaway.

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