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Memorials to Explore in Dougherty County

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Dougherty County

Dougherty County is one of the most diverse and active counties in Georgia. Nestled within Southwest Georgia, it's home to many state parks and attractions such as the Thronateeska Heritage Center and Cherokee Lakes. Dougherty County is also home to a variety of events year-round, including the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival, which attracts visitors from all over the Southeast. The region is well-known for its artistic heritage, with numerous theaters showcasing outstanding performances in musi

Memorials to Explore in Dougherty County

Ray Charles Memorial

The Ray Charles Memorial is a fitting tribute to the Grammy award-winning musician and composer. Located close to his birthplace in Albany, the memorial features a life-size bronze statue of Charles at five years old with his saxophone. Designed by internationally acclaimed sculptor PrestonJackson, it stands atop a base with small photographs from pivotal points in Charles' life. There is also an amphitheatre that offers musical performances that celebrate the life and legacy of Ray Charles.

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