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About DeKalb County

DeKalb County, located in the metropolitan Atlanta area, is a vibrant and diverse community that offers something for everyone. The population of over 700,000 is composed of both native Georgians and transplants from other countries and states. With an abundance of recreational activities ranging from historic parks to music festivals and world-class museums, DeKalb County serves as a cultural hub for the metro region. In addition to its culture, DeKalb boasts wonderful educational institutions

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List of Attractions in DeKalb County

Fernbank Forest

Fernbank Forest is a 65-acre urban hardwood forest, provides visitors the perfect opportunity to take a step back and explore nature. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the area, such as bird watching, and self-guided educational trails that discuss local flora and fauna. At Fernbank Forest, one can experience a diverse range of habitats, including swamps, creeks, wetlands, bottomland hardwoods and tidal ponds that support a plethora of wildlife.

Fernbank Science Center

Fernbank Science Center

Iconic Buildings

Fernbank Science Center provides a unique and interactive experience for all ages. One of the highlights is a 65-foot-tall observatory dome that features a state-of-the-art GOTO Chronos 18-inch Starmaster Telescope capable of viewing celestial bodies and deep space galaxies. visitors can take part in exciting educational programs designed to help students discover the wonders of science or explore the 38 acre nature preserve with a variety of eco-friendly trails and native wildlife.

Flat Rock Archive

The Flat Rock Archive, is an important reminder of African American life and culture during the Reconstruction era. It contains artifacts such as documents, objects, photographs, and other materials that vividly illustrate the struggle that African Americans faced while attempting to reconstruct their lives. Additionally, the archives show how many African Americans made contributions to the local community in spite of discrimination and injustice.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is an exciting and unique way to explore the outdoors. Located on 570 acres of pristine lakeland, it offers visitors a chance to experience a wide range of recreational activities from camping and hunting to fishing, boating, swimming, birding and more! The park incorporates the natural beauty of its setting with modern amenities like an Olympic-sized pool, over four miles of biking trails and eight miles of hiking trails.

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation

This is a beautiful and historic church steeped in tradition. Established in the late 1920s to promote a sense of community for the area’s growing population of Greek immigrants, it is now home to worshippers from around the world who come together to celebrate their faith through its liturgical services, seminars and educational programs. The architecture of the building speaks to its significance; with ornate domes made from imported marble, Byzantine-inspired iconography.

Gresham Park

Gresham Park is a serene green oasis situated near Interstate 85. This park offers a plethora of recreational activities to its visitors, such as swimming in the large outdoor pool, sports including Soccer Fields, Basketball Courts and Tennis Courts, at 3 Playgrounds and Pavilions for picnics. With lush green walking trails woven through sandstone cliffs, fragrant wildflowers blooming throughout the summer season, and alligators lurking around the lake shoreline.

Henderson Park

Henderson Park is one of the most popular recreational area located on a sprawling 82 acres, this popular destination offers plenty for people of all ages to do. From fishing, to picnicking, to just walking and exploring the park's beautiful scenery, there is something for everyone here. There is also a 15 acre children's playground where kids can enjoy some fun . With its tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty, it is no wonder why this park has become so well-loved over the years!

Keswick Park

Keswick Park offers a variety of outdoor activities for all to enjoy. With its beautiful rolling green hills and scenic walking trails, it is the perfect place for those looking to take a peaceful stroll or just sit back and take in nature's beauty. There are also playgrounds, tennis courts, and basketball courts available for recreational use that provide a welcomed challenge and great physical activity.

Krog Street tunnel

The Krog Street Tunnel is an iconic local landmark. Located near Atlanta's historic Inman Park, the tunnel is a major public transportation route, as well as a pedestrian shortcut and popular photo opp. With its high arches and covered walls that are painted regularly by both professional and amateur muralists, it has also become an outdoor art gallery recognized worldwide.

Little Five Points

Little Five Points, is a vibrant and unique destination. Visitors are drawn to the eclectic blend of locally-owned businesses, including indie record stores and vintage boutiques. Music venues showcase local and international performers, while bars and eateries offer a selection of craft beer and ethnic cuisine. With a colorful outdoor market, movie theater and park all situated nearby, Little Five Points is the perfect place for an afternoon of shopping or a night out with friends.

Lullwater Preserve

Lullwater Preserve

Outdoors - Other

Lullwater Preserve is an urban oasis and natural haven for outdoor adventurers featuring 200 acres of lush scenery, crystal-clear streams and cascading waterfalls. Visitors to the preserve are treated to rolling hills and creeks that are perfect for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and fishing. Actually, there’s something for everyone from picnic areas ideal for family gatherings to peaceful gardens perfect for leisurely strolling.

Lynwood Park

Lynwood Park is the perfect place to get out and enjoy nature. Situated along the Panola Mountains, on more than 58 acres of land, this green oasis makes a great escape from Atlanta city life. It has tranquil hiking trails and a picturesque pond that provides plenty of opportunities for exploring and bird watching. Visitors might even catch a glimpse of some native wildlife like woodpeckers, ducks and geese while they're walking through the park.

Mary Scott Nature Park

Mary Scott Nature Park

Outdoors - Other

Mary Scott Nature Park is an oasis of peace and beauty complete with walking trails and bird-watching venues. With over 130 acres of natural landscape to explore, visitors can truly experience nature at its finest. A unique feature of the nature park is a 40 foot elevation change that gives one an extraordinary sense of exploration. If a person prefers to stay closer to ground level they can always hop on one of the many available mountain bikes and breeze through trails.

Mason Mill Park

Mason Mill Park, is an absolute gem. It offers a wide range of recreation activities including jogging trails, soccer fields, tennis courts and picnic grounds. For those who want to take a break from their everyday lives and stay in touch with nature there’s no shortage of things to do as it also boasts large wooded areas rich with wildlife that invite exploration. With its 3-acre lake complete with a small beach, visitors can cool off and enjoy an exciting game of paddleboat or sailboat races.

Michael C. Carlos Museum

The Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University is an incredible place to explore the past and be inspired by cultures from around the world. With collections spanning from Egypt to Greece, Rome to the Americas, and even Asia, there is something for everyone. Cultural artifacts such as pottery, stone carvings, jewelry and coins are just some of the items that visitors can admire while exploring this wonderful museum.

Murphey Candler Park

Murphy Candler Park is the perfect destination for outdoor recreation. This sprawling park offers ample opportunities to explore nature and enjoy the great outdoors. It has two large lakes that visitors can fish or kayak in, as well as five miles of trails perfect for hiking, biking and horseback riding. There are also picnic areas equipped with grills and tables, playgrounds for kids, a volleyball court and an amphitheater to host events. After dark, enjoy stargazing.

Stone Mountain Grist Mill

Stone Mountain Grist Mill, is one of the oldest surviving structures in the region. Built around 1845, this unique mill was originally operated by waterpower and used for grinding local grains into cornmeal. In 1939, Stone Mountain Grist Mill was moved to its current location due to pending floodwaters rising from the nearby Yellow River. Since that time, the grist mill has been open to visitors who come to explore its fascinating features and watch as grain is ground before their eyes.

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park

Mountain Peaks

Stone Mountain Park offers a plethora of attractions for people of all ages. Every season features something different to see and do; whether it's exploring the Trail of Tears by mountain bike, picnicking next to the lake, or breathing in the fresh air on a cruise around the mountain. The park also offers zip-lining and cable rides for those with a little more thrill, as well as age-appropriate interactive programs like Maze Quest and Collectors Hill Clubhouse.

Stone Mountain Skyride

Stone Mountain Skyride

Man-made Structures - Other

The Stone Mountain Skyride is a thrilling way to ascend and experience the breathtaking beauty of Stone Mountain. It's an aerial tramway that whisks its passengers up the mountain face to the top, offering unspoiled views along the way. The ride is fully climate-controlled for comfort and offers panoramic views of northwestern Georgia and other nearby mountain ranges. At the summit, guests are provided with plenty of engaging activities either before or after taking in the stunning vistas.

Vaughters Farm

Vaughters Farm

Outdoors - Other

Vaughters Farm, is a picturesque 300-acre farm surrounded by over 500 acres of pristine nature conservation. It is family owned and has been around since 1946 when the Vaughter family descendants acquired it and began farming the land. The farm specializes in early maturing vegetables and their crops include butter beans, okra, peppers, squash and tomatoes produced free of herbicides and pesticides.

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