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Iconic Buildings to Explore in Columbia County

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Columbia County

Located in the Heart of Georgia, Columbia County is a bustling community full of energy and opportunity. The county is bordered by Richmond, McDuffie, and Lincoln counties and is within an hour's drive of both Augusta and Athens. Growing each year due to its ideal location and vibrant lifestyle, Columbia County was recently named one of America's fastest-growing communities. It boasts a strong job market with plenty of opportunities for those pursuing a career or starting a business. Residents e

Iconic Buildings to Explore in Columbia County

Columbia County Courthouse

The Columbia County Courthouse is an impressive and grandiose building, with a rich history. Built in 1897, this iconic courthouse sits on the edge of Newtown Park in Evans. It has been used as the home of justice for over a century, serving generations of residents who required legal services and representation. Its magnificent Neocoical Revival architecture stands proudly against the backdrop of Beaver Lake and provides county charm that can only be found here.

Map of Iconic Buildings to explore in Columbia County