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Dams to Explore in Columbia County

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Columbia County

Located in the Heart of Georgia, Columbia County is a bustling community full of energy and opportunity. The county is bordered by Richmond, McDuffie, and Lincoln counties and is within an hour's drive of both Augusta and Athens. Growing each year due to its ideal location and vibrant lifestyle, Columbia County was recently named one of America's fastest-growing communities. It boasts a strong job market with plenty of opportunities for those pursuing a career or starting a business. Residents e

Dams to Explore in Columbia County

J. Strom Thurmond Dam

The J. Strom Thurmond Dam is a hydroelectric dam, which was built to be the source of power for the area, providing power to nearly two million customers. The dam is also used to regulate water levels in the Savannah River, allowing year-round navigation regardless of weather or other conditions. Additionally, fishing and hunting are allowed at specific areas near the lake created by the dam's construction, which provides a unique recreational environment for locals and visitors alike.

Map of Dams to explore in Columbia County