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Wildlife Sanctuaries to Explore in Weld County

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Weld County

Weld County is located in the north-central part of Colorado. It is bordered by the state of Wyoming to the north and the municipalities of Boulder, Broomfield, Larimer, and Adams counties to the south. The county seat is Greeley. With a population of over 300,000 people, Weld County is the most populous county in Colorado. The county's economy is largely based on agriculture and energy production. Major crops grown in Weld County include wheat, corn, and sugar beets. The county is also a major

Wildlife Sanctuaries to Explore in Weld County

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is an incredible refuge that provides a safe and enjoyable home to over 500 rescued carnivores. Spanning over 720 acres, these animals have plenty of space to roam, with residences such as foxes, bears, wolves, lions, tigers and other mammals receiving their own natural habitats. The sanctuary’s mission is to provide lifelong care for animals who have been victims of human abuse or neglect – and ensure they always have the protection they deserve.

Map of Wildlife Sanctuaries to explore in Weld County