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Nestled in the lush huron state forest of Michigan's lower peninsula, Saginaw County is a true American gem. With bustling cities and quaint towns spread throughout the county, residents and visitors alike enjoy the region's rich cultural offerings and natural beauty. The abundance of jobs and opportunities have helped make it one of the most desirable places to live in Michigan, with the rapidly growing population to show for it. Public parks provide plenty of recreational activities while hist

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List of Attractions in Saginaw County

Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland

Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland is a wondrous place that captures the traditional Christmas spirit. It is a holiday paradise for visitors of all ages, with more than 50,000 lights and countless dazzling displays, perfect for photo ops. Inside the store are more decorations than you can imagine- including more than 1,000 styles of decorated trees and over 40 varieties of Nutcrackers. Most famously, Bronner's is known as the home of World's Largest Christmas Store.

Castle Museum of Saginaw County History

The Castle Museum of Saginaw County History is a fascinating place to explore the region's past. Visitors can take in artifacts, exhibits, and displays that illustrate the unique cultural heritage of Saginaw County. The museum contains collections of objects from hundreds of years ago, as well as more recent materials and photographs that provide insight into the way life used to be. Additionally, the building itself is a historical gem – it was built in 1906.

Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption

The Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption is a spectacular example of 20th century architecture. Designed in the Romanesque Revival style and constructed using granite, marble, and plaster, it stands at an impressive 125 feet high. A symbol of strength for the entire region, it is viewable from up to a mile away. The main entrance is particularly beautiful with its intricate sculptures which stand delicately against two grand towers that flank either side of the entryway.

Dow Event Center

Dow Event Center


Iconic Buildings

The Dow Event Center is an exciting venue for entertainment and sporting events. Spanning over 185,000 square feet, the center houses two theaters, a ballroom and multiple meeting spaces. With a seating capacity of up to 3,500, the main auditorium has hosted popular acts such as Alice Cooper and Ron White. It is also the venue for many basketball games from high school tournaments to semi-pro leagues.

Fashion Square Mall

Fashion Square Mall

Iconic Buildings

Fashion Square Mall is an impressive place for friends, family, and visitors to experience a shopping gallery like no other. Featuring over 160 brand-name stores, including prominent national retailers like Macy's and Dillard's, Fashion Square Mall has all the latest shoppers can ask for. The mall is equipped with five restaurants to choose from with both indoor and outdoor seating, so visitors are sure to find something tasty when it comes time for a break.

Frankenmuth Autofest

Frankenmuth Autofest is an annual car show held in Saginaw County. It is one of the largest classic car shows in the state, drawing an estimated 15,000 visitors each year to admire over 1,200 classic and vintage cars. From hot rods to muscle cars and even antique automobiles, there's something for everyone at Frankenmuth Autofest. It's a great opportunity for classic car enthusiasts of all ages to kick off the summer season in style.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a picturesque place of natural beauty and history. Visitors can take walking or biking trails that stretch 1.5 miles along the Shiawassee River and through lush forests with panoramic views of the river valley. The park also features picnic tables, baseball fields, playgrounds, ball courts, and abundant wildlife. History enthusiasts will be especially delighted to visit the historic Haslett House in Heritage Park.

Holz-Brücke Wooden Bridge

The Holz-Brücke Wooden Bridge is an absolute marvel of engineering. Built in 1882, this suspension bridge spans 143-feet and is the only one of its kind remaining in either Michigan or Ohio. It was built with old-growth redwood beams and stringers that have been without a major repair since it was originally constructed. This structure has been well maintained throughout its history, resulting in its unusually long lifespan and resilience against weather elements.

Hoyt Park

Hoyt Park is a charming park just off of Sheridan road. It boasts two large picnic shelters as well as plenty of barbecues and grills for outdoor cooking. Hiking trails run around the park, leading visitors through picturesque woods and meadows populated by butterflies, birds, and other wildlife. In addition to the natural beauty that Hoyt Park has to offer, there are also six tennis courts and two playgrounds set up for entertainment.

Hoyt Public Library

Hoyt Public Library

Iconic Buildings

The Hoyt Public Library is a modern facility that serves the community's educational and recreational needs. With a wide selection of print and digital materials as well as research resources, this library is a great resource for students, teachers, and their families. It also offers regular programming such as storytime sessions, career workshops for adults, and craft-making classes for kids.

Marshall M Fredericks Sculpture Museum

The Marshall M Fredericks Sculpture Museum is one of the most renowned sculpture museums in the nation. This stellar cultural site offers an array of features – from art galleries displaying captivating exhibits, to educational events and prestigious visiting scholars. Over a dozen of Fredericks' public sculptures at the museum invoke movement and emotion, making it an exciting place to visit and learn. The grounds that host the museum also include a peaceful outdoor garden.

Ojibway Island

Ojibway Island, is a hidden gem for the city of Saginaw. When entering Ojibway Island you take in breathtaking views from the walkway that intertwines between the island and mainland. The area provides many amenities such as a playground for children to enjoy, picnic tables, and a fishing dock. Newly developed trails provide peaceful walking routes to indulge in nature's beauty while admiring the local wildlife.

Potter Street Station

Potter Street Station, is an up-and-coming tourist destination that offers visitors a unique and memorable experience. Located on the banks of the historic Saginaw River, Potter Street Station is housed in a charming Victorian mansion and houses several attractions ranging from historical displays to art galleries. Tour goers can take a leisurely stroll through the station's beautiful gardens or visit its captivating museum for a look at memorabilia depicting the area's rich cultural heritage.

Saginaw Art Museum

Saginaw Art Museum

Art Centres


The Saginaw Art Museum is a cultural destination with an expansive collection of close to 5,000 works of art. Spanning centuries and representing a variety of mediums and styles, the museum's collection is particularly strong in 19th and 20th century American prints. In addition to ever-changing special exhibits of art from around the world, visitors can attend educational classes for children and adults as well as lectures about contemporary artists presented by curators.

Saginaw Children's Zoo

The Saginaw Children's Zoo is a wonderful place for kids of all ages. Kids can get up close and personal with animals from around the world, including red pandas, lemurs, sloths, tamarins, kangaroos and more! There are also several interactive textured play surfaces and water features which provide hours of fun. The Zoo also has educational exhibits and daily animal enrichment activities to help bring out the natural behaviors of the resident animals.

Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge

Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge

Outdoors- Other

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge is an incredible destination for any outdoor enthusiast. Aside from being home to hundreds of species of wildlife and a sought-after destination for birdwatchers, the refuge boasts 5,000 acres of beautiful ecosystems. From 12 miles of trails that are perfect for hiking or biking to a wide array of educational opportunities, Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge offers something for everyone.

St Lorenz Lutheran Church

St Lorenz Lutheran Church is a historical landmark, and has been a beacon of faith and spirituality for over 150 years. Founded in 1867, the church bears testament to the monumental effort that German immigrants put into establishing their own community. Today, St Lorenz Lutheran Church stands as an awe-inspiring space of worship two stories tall, made up of US red brick and renowned stained glass windows.

SVRC Marketplace

SVRC Marketplace

Iconic Buildings

Shopping- Other

SVRC Marketplace, is one of the region’s premier shopping destinations. With over 110 specialty stores, shoppers can find all the latest fashions, electronics and home décor items. For those interested in unique finds and antiques, there's an expansive mall-style multi-level marketplace scattered throughout 34 acres of space. In addition to high quality merchandise, SVRC Marketplace provides an enjoyable shopping experience with family-friendly features.

Zilwaukee Riverfront Park

Zilwaukee Riverfront Park

Outdoors- Other


Zilwaukee Riverfront Park, is a popular destination for outdoor recreation. Boasting expansive grounds with trails and open spaces, the park is ideal for families looking to explore the great outdoors. Zilwaukee Riverfront Park provides an array of amenities, including a boat launch area, picnic shelters, playgrounds, and fishing areas. Additionally, visitors can rent kayaks and paddle boards in order to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding rivers.

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