4 Churches to Explore in Groningen

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Groningen is the northeasternmost province of the Netherlands. The city of Groningen is the province’s main attraction and is primarily known as a student city. Pubs in the capital city stay open later than any other city in the country. There are also plenty of sights to see and things to do during your stay in the capital city.

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Churches to Explore in Groningen

Kerk van Engelbert

Engelbert's church is a simple elongated Dutch Reformed hall church in a fenced cemetery at Engelberterweg 39 in Engelbert , municipality of Groningen . The church has the status of a national monument and has been owned by the Oude Groninger Kerken Foundation since 2000 . Today the church is only used for cultural activities.


The Martinikerkis the oldest church in Groningen. The church and its associated tower are named after Saint Martin of Tours, the patron saint of the Bishopric of Utrecht to which Groningen belonged. The church was a cathedral for a short period during the first bishopric of Groningen. Its organ contains stops dating back to 1450, and was rebuilt and enlarged by Arp Schnitger among others.

Nieuwe Kerk

The Nieuwe Kerk, is a Protestant church in the city of Groningen , located on the Nieuwe Kerkhof in the Hortusbuurt. Both the Martini and Der Aa churches were originally Roman Catholic. The church was built after the example of the Noorderkerk in Amsterdam.

St Walfridus Church

A majestic church located in the Bedum, Netherlands dedicated to Saint Walfridus. The church was founded ca. 1050. The tower is leaning a whopping 4,19 degrees, which is more than the 3,97 degrees of the tower of Pisa. The church is already from the 11th century ac and is still standing, but changed a bit during the years.

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