6-10 Day Treks to Explore in Salzburg

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Salzburg is a state of the modern Republic of Austria. The region was widely settled in prehistoric times, both in the mountains and the Alpine foreland, because of its mineral resources. The tourist trade, including winter sports, is a major source of income, with the main centres at Salzburg city (especially its music and drama festivals), Badgastein, and Zell am See. The state has good road and rail communications.

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6-10 Day Treks to Explore in Salzburg

Arnoweg/Etappe 49

The Arnoweg is a Salzburg circular and long-distance hiking trail and, in its longest possible variant, comes to 1,200 kilometers, 80,000 meters in altitude and an estimated 500 hours of walking. In its longest possible variant, it is 1,200 kilometers long.

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