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2 Monuments to explore in Aberdeenshire


Aberdeenshire is one of the 32 council areas of Scotland. It has a rich prehistoric and historic heritage. It is the locus of a large number of Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeological sites, including Longman Hill, Kempstone Hill, Catto Long Barrow and Cairn Lee. There are also so many other things to see and do around this county.

East Aquhorthies Stone Circle
East Aquhorthies Stone CircleInverurie AB51 5JL, UK

East Aquhorthies Stone Circle is a recumbent stone circle – a monument type only found in north-east Scotland. It has a large stone set on its side and flanked by two upright stones, usually on the south or south-west part of the circle. The circle is particularly notable for its builders' use of polychromy in the stones, with the reddish ones situated on the SSW side and the grey ones opposite. The discovery of a possible cist covered by a capstone at the centre of the circle indicates that th

Tomnaverie Stone Circle
Tomnaverie Stone CircleTarland, Aboyne AB34 4YQ, UK

Tomnaverie is a recumbent stone circle, a kind of monument found only in north-eastern Scotland. Their characteristic feature is a large stone on its side, flanked by two upright stones, usually on the south or south-west arc of the circle. Construction started from about 2500 BC, in the Bronze Age, to produce a monument of thirteen granite stones including a massive 6.5-ton recumbent stone lying on its side along the southwest of the circle's perimeter

Map of Monuments to explore in Aberdeenshire