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4 Man-made Lakes to explore in Aberdeenshire


Aberdeenshire is one of the 32 council areas of Scotland. It has a rich prehistoric and historic heritage. It is the locus of a large number of Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeological sites, including Longman Hill, Kempstone Hill, Catto Long Barrow and Cairn Lee. There are also so many other things to see and do around this county.

Loch Callater
Loch CallaterLoch Callater, Ballater AB35, UK

Loch Callater is freshwater loch around five miles south of Braemar. The loch is surrounded by steep hills and so photo opportunities are abundant. The loch is around one mile in length. This area is popular with walkers and at the north end is the Callater Stable walkers' bothy.

Loch Etchachan
Loch EtchachanLoch Etchachan, Ballater PH22 1RB, UK

Loch Etchachan is a remote freshwater loch set deep within the central Cairngorms plateau, in the Cairngorms National Park, located in the eastern Highlands of Scotland. It is the highest waterbody of its size in the UK, the surface being 927 metres above sea level.

Loch of Aboyne
Loch of AboyneLoch of Aboyne, Aboyne AB34 5BR, UK

Loch of Aboyne is a shallow, artificial formed, freshwater loch in Grampian, Scotland. It lies 1+1⁄4 miles northeast of Aboyne and 26 miles west-southwest of Aberdeen. An earthen dam was constructed around 1834 to retain the loch. It also served as a reservoir for a nearby mill. It has one of the finest submerged floras in the area with 8 species of pondweeds. There is a high diversity of leeches and pond snails and modest numbers of passage and wintering wildfowl including wigeon, goosander and

Loch of Skene
Loch of SkeneLoch of Skene, Westhill AB32, UK

This large freshwater loch is located near Dunecht and Kirkton of Skene in Aberdeenshire. It's a very picturesque area with the loch surrounded by attractive woodland and reedbeds. It's great for wildlife too with concentrations of wildfowl in autumn and winter in particular greylag geese, goldeneye ducks and pink-footed geese. Common gulls and otters are also found on the loch.

Map of Man-made Lakes to explore in Aberdeenshire