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5 1 Day Treks to explore in Sardinia


Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of Italy. The island attracts more than a million tourists from both Italy, from the rest of Europe, and, to a lesser degree, from the rest of the world. According to statistics, tourist arrivals in 2016 were 2.9 million people.

Mount Limbara
Mount LimbaraMount Limbara, 07029 Tempio Pausania, Province of Sassari, Italy

The Monte Limbara is a mountain range located in the Sardinia north-east. Located in the municipalities of Tempio Pausania, Calangianus, Oschiri, Berchidda, of granite nature, it represents the border between the historical and geographical regions of Gallura to the north and Logudoro to the south. Characterized by modeled peaks, in the past, it housed a USAF radio base, while the highest peak, Punta Balistreri, rises to an altitude of 1,359 meters above sea level. Work is underway for the estab

OrtobeneOrtobene, 08100 Nuoro, Province of Nuoro, Italy

The Ortobene is an ancient granite hill, which rises to the east of the town of Nuoro. t is 955 meters high above sea level. On the top visible from the city, at an altitude of 925 meters, you can admire the large statue of the Redeemer, a bronze work by the sculptor Vincenzo Jerace, which was erected in 1901 on the occasion of the celebration of the jubilee. The Ortobene is the mountain of the Nuorese who visit it for picnics and walks or outdoor games.

Parco di Monte Urpinu
Parco di Monte UrpinuViale Europa, 09129 Cagliari CA, Italy

Monte Urpinu is an urban park of Cagliari, which is located in the homonymous district. For centuries dominated by wild nature, inhabited by animals such as foxes, hence the name Urpinu, which in Sardinian means Volpino, in the nineteenth century the owners, the Sanjust di Teulada, planted numerous Aleppo pines. Today the park extends for 350,000 m² with suggestive views over Cagliari and Campidano, the Molentargius pond, and the Poetto beach. Viale Europa runs along the ridge in all its lengt

Punta La Marmora
Punta La MarmoraPunta La Marmora, 08040 Arzana, Province of Nuoro, Italy

Punta La Marmora is Sardinia's highpoint and belongs to the Gennargentu Mountain Range. It consists of several smooth ridges - resembling Scotland's highlands - which alone in winter get a share of the island's snowfall. Punta La Marmora is situated just east of the approximate center of Sardinia and the summit offers good views of the entire island. On a clear day, most of the coastline and all the surrounding peaks are visible.

Valle della Luna
Valle della Luna07028 Santa Teresa Gallura, Province of Sassari, Italy

Cala Grande is a small valley, about 500 m long, located in the western area of ​​the Capo Testa promontory, in the municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura, in Sardinia. "Valley of the Moon" is the name given to this place around the '60s by a hippy community. It is characterized by the presence on both sides of the valley of granite rocks with unusual shapes which, although not unlike those present in the rest of the promontory, here form a straight valley that runs down to the sea.

Map of 1 Day Treks to explore in Sardinia