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7 Islands to explore in Martinique


It is an island which is an overseas territorial collectivity of France, in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The island features many beautiful beaches, rain forests, and mountains.

îlet Chancel
îlet Chancelîlet Chancel, Martinique

îlet Chancel is the largest and private island which was located in Martinique covering an area of 80 hectares. Chancel islet keeps the remains of a sugar plantation, a lime kiln, and a pottery destroyed during cyclones. But it is above all the presence of one of the last colonies of Caribbean iguanas, whose females are generally green in color and males gray in color, which makes it particularly interesting. In 2006 there were around 600 individuals. . The site is home to many curiosities that

Îlet Chevalier
Îlet ChevalierÎlet Chevalier, Sainte-Anne, Martinique

L' Ilet Chevalier is a small uninhabited island on the Sainte-Anne peninsula in Martinique. It belongs administratively to Sainte-Anne. Located on the east coast of the Sainte-Anne peninsula, facing the Atlantic, 500 m from Cap Chevalier and near Rat Island, the islet is protected by a coral reef. It is easily accessible from the shore in a few minutes by boat. A footpath goes around it; it allows you to discover its xerophilic vegetation, made up of shrubs and cacti.

îlet Madame
îlet Madameîlet Madame, Martinique

The islet Madame is one of the islets of Robert on the Atlantic coast of Martinique. Located in the Havre du Robert, opposite the Pointe la Rose, it depends on the town of Robert. The islet has a fine sandy beach with turquoise waters. A path goes around it. It is also the most frequented islet in the town of Robert, because the only one with a sandy cove allowing swimming. It also attracts boaters as there may be more than 10 boats moored at or near the pontoon.

Îlet Oscar
Îlet OscarÎlet Oscar, Martinique

The Îlet Oscar is an uninhabited island of Martinique, one of François islets, administratively belonging to Le Francois. Being located near the Joséphine bathtub, the islet receives around 200 tourists daily, which makes it the most frequented islet of the François islets. It was one of the beautiful places where you can enjoy the natural beauty and also can spend a nice time.

Îlet Sainte-Marie
Îlet Sainte-MarieÎlet Sainte-Marie, Martinique

Îlet Sainte-Marie is an island located in the northeastern coast of the department of Martinique, a dependency of France in the Caribbean Sea. It is located right in front of the small town of Sainte-Marie, in the area called the North Atlantic. It is very popular with tourists since it represents a geological curiosity of nature, connected to the rest of the island by a tombolo.

La Table du Diable
La Table du DiableLa Table du Diable, Sainte-Anne, Martinique

La Table du Diable is a small uninhabited island on the Sainte-Anne peninsula in Martinique located 500 m east of Cabrits islet. It belongs administratively to Sainte-Anne . It is a small rectangular volcanic island with a plateau on steep cliffs.

Sainte-Marie island
Sainte-Marie islandSainte-Marie, Martinique

The islet of Sainte-Marie is a Martinique islet located on the north-eastern coast of Martinique, just in front of the small town of Sainte-Marie. Very popular with tourists, it constitutes a geological curiosity of nature, since it is linked to the rest of the island by a tombolo. The islet has played a significant role in the history of the city. Indeed, due to its strategic position, it hosted, during the wars of possession of Martinique between France and the United Kingdom.

Map of Islands to explore in Martinique