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15 Islands to Explore in Brittany

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Brittany is the farthest west of the regions of Metropolitan France. It is named after the historic and geographic region of Brittany

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Islands to Explore in Brittany


A beautiful island located in Brittany which is famous for its sandy beach that was facing Saint-Malo. It is an ideal place for so many water adventure activities and also the island is uninhabited but there are some remains of the buildings of the older times. One of the nice place which was calm and quiet where you can spend some nice time enjoying the beach and natural beauty.


A beautiful, small and impressive island which was home to Brittany’s most impressive Neolithic site. It is about 5500 years old, it is 60 metres in diameter and covers a passage and chamber which is lined with elaborately engraved stones. The island can be accessed from the nearby Larmor-Baden by boat. In order to protect the monument and avoid scratching the stones, cameras are not allowing inside the cairn.

Glénan Islands

The Îles de Glénan is an archipelago of islands about 16 kilometers and it is only accessible in the summer season. There are a sailing and diving school located there. This is a popular tourist destination and this island is powered by a combined power plant. It is difficult to stay on the islands overnight, as there is no hotel, and camping is not allowed.

Grand Bé

One of the small and beautiful islands in Bri8tanny. It was least used and was largely destroyed during World War II, and was not rebuilt. Today it is best known as the location of the tomb of one of St-Malo's favorite sons, the romantic writer/diplomat/soldier François-René de Chateaubriand. At low tide, the island can be reached on foot from the nearby Bon-Secours beach. On the island are the remains of an ancient fort.


A beautiful island that was quite frail and fragile out in the Atlantic Ocean. It has a beautiful beach which was decorated with fine white sands and also it is a natural habitat for marine animals. There are also remains of the old fortifications and you can find out so many examples of the historical architecture from here. It is one of the ideal places to spend a vacation by enjoying the beach and these serene surroundings.


The islands of Houat and Hoëdic are the perfect places to get away from it all. Houat, the larger island, has sweeping sandy beaches and a network of footpaths while its smaller sister, Hoëdic, boasts a network of coves, a fort, and some Neolithic sites. The island is mostly granite cliffs except for a long beach lined with dunes on the eastern coast.

île Callot

One of the beautiful island in the heart of Brittany which was populated by many Callotins. At the turn of the century, farming, fishing, and collecting seaweed were the main activities. The island was Mainly made up of small coves, dunes, gorse, fields, and pastures. It can be accessible on foot or by car at low tide. One of the beautiful tourist attractions which were flourished with natural beauty and it will refresh your mind. The calm and quiet surroundings and the beautiful beach welcomes

Île de Saint-Cado

One of the beautiful islet which was located in the heart of Morbihan in the Etel river. This place was currently uninhabited and Also known as the oyster house as it was once the home of an oyster park keeper and his family. There are historic buildings which date back long years ago. It was one of the place where you can spend some nice time from busy lives.

Île de Sein

One of the most beautiful islands in Britanny. it extends over some 2 km and winds like an inverted S whose width varies from 30 to 500 meters. Sein was long known as a shelter for sailors coming into the Pointe du Raz coastal point. It’s a truly peaceful haven where you can forget the worries of everyday life. Its exceptional environment and its majestic landscapes have made it the “most beautiful villages in France”.

Île Vierge

A beautiful islet which was located in the commune of Plouguerneau. It is home to the tallest traditional stone lighthouse in Europe. This lighthouse offers a panoramic view of this area and also the vast sea. There is a beautiful coastal path to reach this islet. There is also an Abbey in the island also you can spend a nice time on the beach here.


Île-d'Arz is a group of nine islands and is nestled in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, the island is still today a privileged place for water sports and navigation. One of the nice locations which are flourished with natural beauty and is also a nice picnic location too.


A beautiful and small island which was located on the north coast of Brittany. There is a prehistoric site in the center of the island which is called as known as Ty-Lia or Ty-ar-C'horrandoned, built in the neolithic times. There are also so many things to explore around this island. These things make this island the main tourist attraction.


Molene is an island which was very beautiful and is ideal for families with young children. It is on foot that you will stroll on the island over the 13 stages of a varied route. The community and only port are located to the east of the island. One of the nice area to wander and also you can enjoy the beauty of this area and The community and only port are located to the east of the island and the water is from the rainwater catchment.

Tristan Island

A beautiful island which is historically and also naturally famous around Brittany. The visitors are allowed at a certain time and this place is closely associated with Breton legends and the lost island of Ys. the island has become part of the national Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise in the year of 2007. One of the beautiful places where you can see the historical trails of the olden ages and also the uninhabited natural beauty.


The island of Ushant is where you’ll find France’s most westerly point, Pointe de Pern. It is well known for its lighthouses and treacherous seafaring heritage. The island is ringed by several smaller islands, including Keller Island. One of the beautiful area to spend some nice time and also a place flourished with natural beauty.

Map of Islands to explore in Brittany