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Top 64 attractions you must visit in Uri

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About Uri

The canton of Uri is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland and a founding member of the Swiss Confederation. It is located in Central Switzerland. The canton's territory covers the valley of the Reuss between the St. Gotthard Pass and Lake Lucerne.

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Attractions in Uri

GöscheneralpseeGöscheneralpsee, 6487 Göschenen, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Göscheneralpsee is 1792 meters above sea level in the municipality of Göschenen in the canton of Uri. The lake has a maximum depth of 100 meters. The massive dam of the lake is considered to be the highest rock embankment in Switzerland. It is one of the picturesque locations in Uri and a lot of tourists have been attracted to this place.

Gotthard Pass
Gotthard PassGotthard Pass, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

One of the best-known and most important alpine pass in Switzerland. For decades the Gotthard Pass on up to 2.091m above the sea level has been the only connection between canton Uri in the North and canton Ticino in the South of the Alps. Crossing the Gotthard mountain massif via the alpine pass, however, is still the most scenic and adventurous experience and sometimes the best alternative to avoid traffic before the tunnel. ​

Gotthard-Strassentunnel (Gotthard Base Tunnel)
Gotthard-Strassentunnel (Gotthard Base Tunnel)Gotthard-Strassentunnel, Göschenen, Switzerland
Man-made Structures- Other

The Gotthard Road Tunnel in Switzerland runs from Göschenen in the canton of Uri at its northern portal, to Airolo in Ticino to the south, and is 16.9 kilometers in length below the St Gotthard Pass, a major pass of the Alps. At the time of construction, in 1980, it was the longest road tunnel in the world. It is currently the ninth longest one.

Gross Ruchen
Gross RuchenGross Ruchen, 6465 Silenen, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

Gross Ruchen, A beautiful mountain which was 3138m located in central Switzerland. Climbing Gross Ruchen is one of the most spectacular and imposing ski tours in the central part of Switzerland. Eminently the ascent and descent through the "Ruch Chälen" dell. A long and ardous ski tour, which enjoys great popularity.

Gross Windgällen
Gross WindgällenGross Windgällen, 6473 Silenen, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks

The Gross Windgällen is a 3,187 m high mountain in the Glarus Alps, overlooking the valley of the Reuss in the canton of Uri. The name Gross Windgällen derives from Gälle or gellen, meaning as much as wailing, shrilling, or whistling.

GwächtenhornGwächtenhorn, 3863 Gadmen, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

The Gwächtenhorn is a 3,420 meters high mountain in the Urner Alps, located on the border between the cantons of Bern and Uri. It overlooks the Stein Glacier and the Susten Pass on its north side and the Chelen Glacier on its south side. Being covered by snow from the summit to the bottom, the north side of the Gwächtenhorn is much appreciated by skiers.

Hüfi Glacier
Hüfi GlacierHüfi Glacier, 6473 Silenen, Switzerland
Outdoors- Other

The Hüfi Glacier is a 7km long glacier situated in the Glarus Alps in the canton of Uri in Switzerland. In 1973 it had an area of 13.64km2. It is one of the beautiful places in this area and is also famous for its natural beauty.

Klausen Pass
Klausen PassKlausen Pass, 8751 Spiringen, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

The Klausen Pass is an incredibly scenic drive in the Central Swiss Alps connecting Altdorf in the canton of Uri with Linthal in the canton of Glarus. It might not be among the highest alpine passes, but don't be deluded the Klausen can be challenging. It is a bit of a thrill driving the Klausen Pass.

KröntenKrönten, 6472 Erstfeld, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Rock Climbing Spots
Mountain Peaks

The Krönten crowns the head of the Leutschach valley and is very near to Spannort. It is composed of a base of gneiss overlain by a thick cap of sedimentary rock. This peak is one of the highest in this area and the view from the top of this mountain is truly astonishing. It is also suitable for trekking and rock climbing.

Lago di Lucendro
Lago di LucendroLago di Lucendro, 6780 Airolo, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

Lago di Lucendro is an 11.1-kilometer loop trail located near Airolo, Ticino, Switzerland that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

Lago Ritom
Lago RitomLago Ritom, 6776 Quinto, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Lago Ritom is a lake in the Piora Valley, Ticino, Switzerland. The natural lake is used as a reservoir by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS) to generate hydro-electric power for the Gotthard line. The first dam was built in 1918 and, in 1950, its height was increased by 23 m. It is one of the beautiful picnic areas and also is suitable for fishing too.

Lake Cadagno
Lake CadagnoLake Cadagno, 6776 Quinto, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Lake Cadagno is a crenogenic meromictic lake located in the Swiss Alps at 1921 m asl with a maximum depth of 21 m. As one of a few meromictic lakes in Europe, it is the object of numerous scientific studies. Lake Cadagno is a rare example of crenogenic meromixis. Its waters show a permanent stratification due to a natural geological phenomenon.

MaderanertalMaderanertal, 6475 Silenen, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

Uri’s Maderanertal is surrounded by rocky summits and glaciers but is softened by its grassy pastures, waterfalls, and wild berries. This is why this alpine valley is famous among tourists and the views from the summit are breathtaking.

Meierturm Silenen
Meierturm Silenen6473 Silenen, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings

The Meier Tower is in the Swiss municipality of Silenen . The nobles of Silenen served as Meier of the Zurich Fraumünster Abbey and administered their property in the central Reuss valley. The tower, built in the 13th century, served as their residence and official residence. The Meier Tower is a cultural asset of national importance.

Niederbauen-ChulmNiederbauen-Chulm, 6376 Emmetten, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

The Niederbauen-Chulm is a mountain of the Urner Alps, overlooking Lake Lucerne in Central Switzerland. Its 1,923 metre high summit is located on the border between the cantons of Nidwalden and Uri.

Oberalp Pass
Oberalp PassOberalp Pass, 7189 Tujetsch, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

The Oberalp Pass is located at the border between Disentis and Andermatt in the central region of the Swiss Alps near the famous Gotthard pass. The Rhine springs from a source nearby, which can be accessed by hiking two hours from Oberalp Pass. A multiday trekking route is signposted across Oberalp pass and along the young Rhine called Senda Sursilvana.

OberalpseeOberalpsee, 6490 Andermatt, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The lake is located at the Oberalp Pass which connects the cantons of Graubünden and Uri. Over the pass and along the lake, there is a railway line of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn MGB. It is one of the main water sources of this area and is also one of the picnic spots.

OberalpstockOberalpstock, 6475 Tujetsch, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

The Oberalpstock or Piz Tgietschen is a mountain in the Glarus Alps between the cantons of Uri and Graubünden. Its massif separates the valleys of Maderanertal and Surselva near Sedrun. The Oberalpstock is the highest summit of the Glarus Alps west of the Tödi, and also the highest mountain in the canton of Uri east of the Reuss.

OberbauenstockOberbauenstock, 6461 Seelisberg, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

The Oberbauenstock is a mountain of the Urner Alps, overlooking Lake Lucerne in Central Switzerland. Its 2,117-metre-high summit is located on the border between the cantons of Nidwalden and Uri. It is one of the beautiful places in this area and it also offers some stunning views of this area.

PazolastockPazolastock, 7189 Tujetsch, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks

The Pazolastock is a 2739 m high mountain in the Gotthard Group. It rises southwest of the Oberalp Pass. The summit lies on the border between the municipalities of Andermatt in the Swiss canton of Uri on its west side and Tujetsch in Graubünden on the east side. A ridge leads from the summit without major differences in altitude on the canton border to the south to point 2742, then drops to Martschallücke and then climbs to Rossbodenstock. From point 2742 a hiking trail continues in a south-ea

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