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10 Lake/ River/ Ponds to explore in Uri


The canton of Uri is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland and a founding member of the Swiss Confederation. It is located in Central Switzerland. The canton's territory covers the valley of the Reuss between the St. Gotthard Pass and Lake Lucerne.

AlplerseeAlplersee, 6452 Sisikon, Switzerland

The mountain lake in the Alplen area is at an altitude of 1507 meters above sea level. Nothing is known about the inflows and outflows of the Alplersee, but the lake is located in the vicinity of the Riemenstaldnerbach. The Bergseelein is about 220m long and 150m wide.

ArniseeArnisee, 6476 Gurtnellen, Switzerland

This gorgeous alpine lake is ideal for a classic Swiss picnic, with mountain peaks reflected in the clear water, fields of wildflowers, and cowbells ringing near and far. It is one of the picnic locations, so many peoples come here and spend some leisure time here. It is suitable for children and also for adults.

GolzerenseeGolzerensee, 6475 Silenen, Switzerland

A beautiful lake at Golzeren with a surface area of 5.7ha. This lake is popular for fishing and also so many tourists come here for picnic purposes. The surrounding was very clear and also convenient for children.

GöscheneralpseeGöscheneralpsee, 6487 Göschenen, Switzerland

The Göscheneralpsee is 1792 meters above sea level in the municipality of Göschenen in the canton of Uri. The lake has a maximum depth of 100 meters. The massive dam of the lake is considered to be the highest rock embankment in Switzerland. It is one of the picturesque locations in Uri and a lot of tourists have been attracted to this place.

Lago di Lucendro
Lago di LucendroLago di Lucendro, 6780 Airolo, Switzerland

Lago di Lucendro is an 11.1-kilometer loop trail located near Airolo, Ticino, Switzerland that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

Lago Ritom
Lago RitomLago Ritom, 6776 Quinto, Switzerland

Lago Ritom is a lake in the Piora Valley, Ticino, Switzerland. The natural lake is used as a reservoir by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS) to generate hydro-electric power for the Gotthard line. The first dam was built in 1918 and, in 1950, its height was increased by 23 m. It is one of the beautiful picnic areas and also is suitable for fishing too.

Lake Cadagno
Lake CadagnoLake Cadagno, 6776 Quinto, Switzerland

Lake Cadagno is a crenogenic meromictic lake located in the Swiss Alps at 1921 m asl with a maximum depth of 21 m. As one of a few meromictic lakes in Europe, it is the object of numerous scientific studies. Lake Cadagno is a rare example of crenogenic meromixis. Its waters show a permanent stratification due to a natural geological phenomenon.

OberalpseeOberalpsee, 6490 Andermatt, Switzerland

The lake is located at the Oberalp Pass which connects the cantons of Graubünden and Uri. Over the pass and along the lake, there is a railway line of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn MGB. It is one of the main water sources of this area and is also one of the picnic spots.

SeeliSeeli, 6377 Seelisberg, Switzerland

A small lake surrounded by serene views all around, It is located in Uri canton of Switzerland. During the summer season, the temperature of the lake water is favorable for pleasant swimming. However, bathing is allowed only in its beach area situated at its north end. The lakeshore is a popular camping site and boats are also available on hire.

SpilauerseeSpilauersee, 6452 Sisikon, Switzerland

Spilauersee is a lake in the Canton of Uri, Switzerland, below Rossstock. The lake can be reached by foot in half an hour from the Chäppeliberg–Lidernen cable car. The Spilauisee is simply impressive in a cauldron that reflects the landscape in the lake in calm weather.

Map of Lake/ River/ Ponds to explore in Uri