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Top 63 attractions to explore in Vestland

Vestland is a western county of Norway and was created in 2020. It features many tourist attractions that include Hardangervidda National Park and waterfalls.

Attractions in Vestland

ÅkrafjordenÅkrafjorden, Etne, Norway

Åkrafjorden is a fjord in Vestland county that flows from the southern part of the Folgefonna National Park, draining the huge Folgefonna glacier.

Akvariet i Bergen - Det Nasjonale AkvarietNordnesbakken 4, 5005 Bergen, Norway

Bergen Aquarium features more than 300 species. The complex houses over 60 tanks of fish, marine invertebrates, as well as three outdoor ponds with seals, penguins, and cyprinids and a tropical branch with reptiles and monkeys.

AurlandsdalenAurlandsdalen, Aurland, Norway

The well-known and historic Aurlandsdalen Valley, was once one of the main routes between the eastern and western parts of Norway. It is a glacially-formed Norwegian valley that is about 40 kilometres in length

AurlandsfjelletAurlandsfjellet, Lærdal Municipality, Norway

Aurlandsfjellet is a mountainous area and plateau along the border between the municipalities of Aurland and Lærdal.

Barony RosendalBaronivegen 60, 5470 Rosendal, Norway

Barony Rosendal is a historic estate and manor house situated in Kvinnherad in Norway.

Bergen CathedralDomkirkeplassen 1, 5003 Bergen, Norway

Bergen Cathedral is a cathedral in the city of Bergen in Vestland county. It started as a church dedicated to Olav the Holy, Norway’s patron saint, around the year 1150.

Bergenhus Fortress5003 Bergen, Norway

Bergenhus fortress is a fortress located in Bergen, Norway. The fortress contains buildings dating as far back as the 1240s, as well as later constructions built as recently as World War II.

Borgund Stave ChurchVindhellavegen 606, 6888 Borgund, Norway

It was the church for the Lærdal parish until 1868 when it was closed and turned into a museum. The brown, wooden church was built in a stave church style around the year 1200. The museum now run by the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments.

BøyabreenBøyabreen, Sogndal Municipality, Norway

Bøyabreen is an arm of the great Jostedalsbreen glacier. It is located inside Jostedalsbreen National Park.

BreheimsenteretBrevegen, 6871 Jostedal, Norway

The Breheimsenteret is a museum and one of the three visitors centers for Jostedalsbreen National Park. The center was generally open from 1 May until 1 October. The center lay near to the glacier arm Nigardsbreen.

Brekkefossen5743 Flåm, Norway

Brekkefossen is a beautiful waterfall located near Flåm, Vestland, Norway.

BriksdalsbreBriksdalsbre, Norway

Briksdalsbreen is an arm of the great Jostedalsbreen Glacier and located inside the Jostedalsbreen National Park. This famous glacier arm lies in beautiful surroundings between mountain peaks and spectacular waterfalls, dropping 1200 meters into the narrow Briksdal valley below.

BryggenBryggen, 5003 Bergen, Norway

Bryggen is a series of Hanseatic heritage commercial buildings lining up the eastern side of the Vågen harbor in the city of Bergen. Bergen was established before 1070 AD and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

Bryggens MuseumDreggsallmenningen 3, 5003 Bergen, Norway

Bryggens Museum is a museum located in Bergen, Norway. It was established in 1976.

BuarbreenBuarbreen, Ullensvang, Norway

Buarbreen or Buerbreen is a glacier in Ullensvang Municipality in Vestland county. It popular among the best hiking areas in Norway.

Fantoft Stave ChurchFana, Bergen, Norway

Fantoft Stave Church is a reconstructed stave church in the Fana borough. The church was originally built around the year 1150 at Fortun in Sogn, later the church was bought by consul Fredrik Georg Gade and moved it in pieces to Fana near Bergen in 1883.

FløenFløen, Norway

Fløyen or Fløyfjellet is one of the "city mountains" in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Its highest point is 400 meters above sea level and is the best destination for hiking.

Folgefonna National ParkSkålafjæro 17, 5470 Rosendal, Norway

Folgefonna National Park national park in Vestland county, Norway. Folgefonna is a collective term for three glaciers in the park. At 168 square kilometers, Folgefonna is the third largest ice cap in Norway.

GamlehaugenGamlehaugen, Bergen, Norway

Gamlehaugen is a mansion in Bergen, Norway, and the residence of the Norwegian Royal Family in the city. Gamlehaugen is framed by a beautiful English-landscaped park, adorned with a lush, varied selection of shrubbery, flowers, and trees. The entire first floor of Gamlehaugen is open to the public as a museum devoted to the memory of Christian Michelsen, the first Prime Minister of Norway.

GaularfjelletGaularfjellet, Sunnfjord, Norway

Gaularfjellet is a beautiful mountain area with amazing viewpoints located in central Vestland county.

Glacier MuseumFjærlandsfjorden 13, 6848 Fjærland, Norway

The museum's stated purpose is to "collect, create and disseminate knowledge about glaciers and climate". It provides information about the glacier Jostedalsbreen and the Jostedalsbreen National Park.

Hanseatic Museum and SchøtstueneFinnegården 1A, 5003 Bergen, Norway

The museum is located in Finnegården, one of the conserved wooden buildings on Bryggen in Bergen, Norway. The museum covers the Hanseatic League period of time in Bergen.

Hardanger Bridge5734 Vallavik, Norway

The Hardanger Bridge is among the longest suspension bridges in the world. The bridge connects the municipalities of Ullensvang and Ulvik.

HardangerfjordHardangerfjord, Norway

The Hardangerfjord is the fourth longest fjord in the world and the second-longest fjord in Norway. The fjord stretches 179 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean into the mountainous interior of Norway along the Hardangervidda plateau.

HardangerjøkulenEidfjord Municipality, Norway

Hardangerjøkulen is the 6th largest glacier in Norway, located far east in Hordaland Fylke. he glacier covers 73 sq. Km and provides magnificient views over the surrounding landscape.

HårteigenHårteigen, Ullensvang, Norway

Hårteigen is a characteristic mountain in Hardangervidda National Park. At an elevation of 1,690 meters above sea level, the peak of Hårteigen rises 480 meters above the surrounding plateau which is fairly level.

Hopperstad Stave ChurchRv13 53, 6893 Vik i Sogn, Norway

Hopperstad Stave Church is a historic parish church located in the village of Vikøyri. The brown, wooden stave church was built during the 12th century. The church seats about 30 people.

HornelenHornelen, Bremanger Municipality, Norway

Hornelen is a mountain in Bremanger Municipality in Vestland county. it is the highest sea cliff in Europe (see illustration left), and has for a long time been used as a landmark for naval navigation.

Jostedalsbreen National Park is a national park in Norway that encompasses the largest glacier on the European mainland, Jostedalsbreen. The national park is one of the largest wilderness areas remaining in Southern Norway. Jostedalsbreen is used for outdoor sports, education, and research, while the surrounding valleys are used for farming.

Jostedalsbreen National Park CenterSandvik, 6799 Oppstryn, Norway

Jostedalsbreen Nationalpark center is one of the three visitor's centers in Jostedalsbreen National Park. The main building at the Centre was constructed in a manner similar to Viking longhouses where pillars rather than the walls are supporting the roof.

KjelfossenAurland, Norway

Kjelfossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway located in Gudvangen/Aurland. The total height is 755 meters and the tallest single drop is 149 meters.The best time to visit Kjelfossen is June or early July when there is a lot of snow melting from the mountains that feed the river Kjelfossgrovi and Kjelfossen.

KjenndalsbreenKjenndalsbreen, Stryn Municipality, Norway

Kjenndalsbreen is a glacier in the municipality of Stryn in Vestland, Norway. The 19-square-kilometer glacier is a side branch of the Jostedalsbreen glacier and is included in the Jostedalsbreen National Park.

Kjosfossen FallsRallarvegen, 5718 Myrdal, Norway

Kjosfossen is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway. Its total fall is around 225 metres.

LåtefossenLåtefossen, Ullensvang, Norway

Låtefossen is a waterfall located in Ullensvang Municipality in Vestland. The 95-meter tall waterfall is unique and thus it is a well-known tourist attraction in the area.

Lærdal TunnelHagavegen 11, 6887 Lærdal, Norway

It is the longest road tunnel in the world, succeeding in the Swiss Gotthard Road Tunnel. The Tunnel is a 24.51-kilometer-long road tunnel connecting the municipalities of Lærdal and Aurland in Vestland county, Norway.

Loen skyliftFjordvegen 1011, 6789 Loen, Norway

Loen Skylift is an aerial tramway in Loen in Stryn, Norway. The cable car climbs 1,011 meters (3,317 ft) to the top of Mount Hoven, above the Nordfjord. It is the first aerial tramway installed in Norway since Hangursbanen in 1963.

LovatnetLovatnet, Stryn Municipality, Norway

Lovatnet is a lake in Stryn municipality in Vestland county. The lake has an area of ​​10.4 square kilometers, it is 11 kilometers long and it is 52 meters above sea level.

LysøenLysøen, Bjørnafjorden, Norway

Lysøen is an island in the municipality of Os in Hordaland county, Norway. The island was originally the site of a farm established around 1670. The island was bought by Ole Bull in 1872 who constructed the villa with a mixture of amazing architecture techniques.

Nærøyfjord5748 Styvi, Norway

The Naeroyfjord the most beautiful and wildest arm of the Sognefjord is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Nærøyfjord is rich in contrast and offers a unique interaction of scenery and landscape.

NigardsbreenNigardsbreen, Luster Municipality, Norway

Nigardsbreen is a glacier arm of the large Jostedalsbreen glacier. Nigardsbreen lies about 30 kilometers north of the village of Gaupne in the Jostedalen valley in Luster Municipality in Vestland county, Norway.

Norsk Natursenter HardangerSæbøtunet 11, 5784 Øvre Eidfjord, Norway

The Hardangervidda Natursenter is a museum and visitor center of the Hardangervidda National Park in Norway.

Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and IndustryNaustbakken 7, 5770 Tyssedal, Norway

The Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry is a cultural history museum at Odda in Vestland county, Norway.

Port BergenSkoltegrunnskaien 1, 5003 Bergen, Norway

Bergen Port is an international seaport located in the center of Bergen, Norway.

RingedalsvatnetRingedalsvatnet, Ullensvang, Norway

Ringedalsvatnet is a beautiful lake in Ullensvang Municipality in Vestland county, Norway. The lake is the main reservoir for a hydroelectric power station in Tyssedal which provides electricity for the power-intensive industries in the nearby town of Odda.

RjoandefossenFlåmsdalsvegen 125, 5743 Flåm, Norway

It is a gorgeous waterfall in the south-middle of Norway at Flåm, municipality Aurland. The waterfall is 241 meters tall and has three vertical falls.

RundemanenRundemanen, Bergen, Norway

Rundemanen is a mountain in the city of Bergen in Vestland county, Norway. It is considered one of the "seven mountains" which surround the city center of Bergen. Rundemanen is a well-known hiking area among the citizens of Bergen.

SkålaSkåla, Stryn Municipality, Norway

This beautiful mountain is located about 7 kilometers east of the village of Loen and about 7 kilometers south of the lake Oppstrynsvatn. There is a famous and unique tower named Skålatårnet is located at the top of the summit.

SørfjordenSørfjorden, Ullensvang, Norway

Sørfjorden is a 38-kilometer long fjord located in Ullensvang Municipality in Vestland county. It is one of the innermost branches and the longest arm of the main Hardangerfjorden fjord.

St. Mary's ChurchDreggsallmenningen 15, 5003 Bergen, Norway

St. Mary's Church is a parish church located in Bergen. It is considered as the oldest existing building in Bergen. The church is from the first half of the 12th century, and one of the most outstanding Romanesque churches in the country.

Stegastein viewpointBjørgavegen 83, 5745 Aurland, Norway

Stegastein is one the most photographed viewpoints in the region. It offers an amazing view of the fjord, mountains and surrounding landscape.

SteinsdalsfossenKvam Municipality, Norway

One of the most popular waterfalls in Norway. The Steinsdalsfossen has a fall of 50 m. From the parking lot, the path goes along the waterfall, up a hill, and behind it where visitors can walk dryshod "into" the rumbling water.

StoltzekleivenStoltzekleiven, Bergen, Norway

Stoltzekleiven is one of the most popular trails in Bergen. It is a steep paved trail and stairs with approximately 722 steps up to Sandviksfjellet in Bergen city center is a steep paved trail and stairs with approximately 722 steps up to Sandviksfjellet

Store SkagastølstindStore Skagastølstind, Luster Municipality, Norway

Store Skagastølstind is the third highest peak in Norway. The summit is a popular destination for mountaineers, but it is fairly difficult to climb.

SupphellebreenSupphellebreen, Sogndal Municipality, Norway

The Supphellebreen glacier is the neighbor of the Bøyabreen glacier in Fjærland. The place is well known for hiking.

TroldhaugenTroldhaugvegen 65, 5232 Paradis, Norway

Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen was the home of composer Edvard Grieg for 22 years. It is now a living museum comprising an exhibition centre with shop and cafe, concert hall, composers' cabin and Grieg's villa dating from 1885.

TrolltungaTrolltunga, Ullensvang, Norway

Trolltunga is a popular hiking area located in the Ullensvang Municipality of Vestland county. The rock formation situated about 1,100 meters above the sea level and The cliff juts horizontally out from the mountain, about 700 meters above the north side of the lake. This is a very challenging hike, at least 10 hours on rough terrain. There are no shelters on the hiking route and no places to buy supplies.

TvindefossenTvindefossen, Voss Municipality, Norway

The Tvindefossen waterfall has a height of 152 meters and is located near the town of Voss. Tvindefossen acquired a reputation for rejuvenation and revival of sexual potency that made it one of the the most expensive water in the world.

University Museum - Museum Of HistoryHaakon Sheteligs plass 10, 5007 Bergen, Norway

The University Museum has some of the largest collections within cultural and natural history in Norway. The University Museum of Bergen is divided into two departments, the Natural History Collections and the Cultural History Collections and Public Outreach and exhibitions.

Urnes Stave Church6870 Ornes, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Urnes Stave Church is a 12th-century stave church built on a basilica plan inspired by medieval Christian churches, with cylindrical columns and semi-circular arches inside. Urnes Stave Church was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

UtladalenUtladalen, Årdal, Norway

Utladalen is Norway's deepest valley. The valley of Utladalen is part of the Utladalen Landscape Protection Area and known for its epic scenery.

VestkappVestkapp, Stad, Norway

The area is known for changing weather, from mirror-bright sea to storm and hurricane. 496 meters above the sea, on the mountain plateau Kjerringa, are beautiful Vestkapp which is one of the most spectacular viewpoints on the coast of Norway.

VettisfossenUtladalsvegen 1, 6884 Øvre Årdal, Norway

Vettisfossen is one of the most beautiful and highest protected waterfalls in Norway. Vettisfossen has a single drop of 275 meters and is often mentioned as the highest single-drop waterfall in Norway.

VøringfossenVøringfossen, Eidfjord Municipality, Norway

Vøringfossen is one of the most visited waterfalls in Norway. It has a total drop of 182 metres and a major drop of 163 meters.

Map of attractions in Vestland