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3 Churches to explore in Vestfold og Telemark

Vestfold og Telemark

Vestfold of Telemark is a southernmost county in Eastern Norway, known for its vast forests, valleys, skiing, and rural churches.

Eidsborg Stave Church
Eidsborg Stave ChurchMuseumsvegen 9, 3891 Høydalsmo, Norway

This small stave church is located close to West Telemark Museum, location Eidsborg. The Eidsborg Stave Church is believed to be built between 1250 and 1270 and is one of the best-preserved examples of 28 protected stave churches in Norway this is quite a contrast to the Middle Ages when there were more than 1000 stave churches in the country. This unique building form is seen as Norway’s contribution to world architecture.

Heddal stave church
Heddal stave churchHeddalsvegen 412, 3676 Notodden, Norway

Norway's largest stave church built in the 1200s and still in use. Rose paintings from the 1600s, "bishop's chair" and incense vessels from medieval times. Guided tours in English, exhibition in the vicarage barn, open parallel with the guided tours. Cafeteria serving hot and cold meals. Church services and "quiet room".

Skien Church
Skien ChurchKirkegata 1, 3717 Skien, Norway

Skien church was completed in 1894 after the great town fire. It's build in the Gothic Revival style and the interior of the church is characterized by beautiful stained glass windows and glazed stone. The church has one of the largest and best organs in Norway with 5200 pipes and 70 votes.

Map of Churches to explore in Vestfold og Telemark