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7 Lake/ River/ Ponds to explore in Viken


Viken county takes its name from the historic region of Viken.

DrammenselvaDrammenselva, Norway

Drammenselva is one of the largest rivers in Norway. It is the site of the annual Drammen River Festival. The festival features music concerts, dragon boats, raft racing and bathtub rowing.

HalnefjordenHalnefjorden, Norway

Halnefjorden is a lake on the border of Vestland and Viken counties in Norway.

KrøderenKrøderen, Norway

Krøderen is a beautiful lake located in Buskerud, Norway. It is 41 kilometers long and he primary river flowing into it is Hallingdalselva to the north.

NordmarkaNordmarka, Asker Municipality, Norway

Nordmarka is mostly a forested region with many short hiking trails, lakes for swimming, and an ideal place to take a break.

ØyerenØyeren, Norway

Lake Øyeren is the ninth largest lake by area in Norway with a surface area of 84.7 square kilometers.

Ramme Gaard
Ramme GaardRammeveien 90, 1545 Hvitsten, Norway

Ramme Gaard is an organic farm and country estate, located in Viken, Norway. It is developed as a working farm on organic principles from its inception, the Baroque garden which is open to the public features sculptures, ponds, fountains, and cascades.

SemsvannetSemsvannet, Asker Municipality, Norway

Semsvannet is a beautiful lake in Asker municipality in Norway. Lake Semsvannet is 190 acres and is situated at a height of 145 meters above sea level

Map of Lake/ River/ Ponds to explore in Viken