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5 Notable Architectures to explore in Viken


Viken county takes its name from the historic region of Viken.

Bragernes Church
Bragernes ChurchCappelens gate 9, 3016 Drammen, Norway

Bragernes Church is a parish church located at the end of Church Street north of Bragernes square in the center of Drammen. The church organ has 38 voices and was built in the romantic style of organ builder Carsten Lund Organ Builders of Copenhagen.

Hallingdal Museum
Hallingdal MuseumMøllevegen 18, 3540 Nesbyen, Norway

It is one of the oldest open-air museums in Norway. The museum has 30 historic buildings and some 30,000 artifacts from the region of Hallingdal.

Svinesund Bridge
Svinesund BridgeE6 5, 1789 Berg i Østfold, Norway

The Svinesund Bridge is a through arch bridge crossing Iddefjord at Svinesund and joining Sweden and Norway. It was completed in 2006. The bridge is 704 m long and has a clearance high of 55 m above the water.

Thunder Coaster
Thunder Coaster1407 As, Norway

Thundercoaster is Norway's only wooden roller coaster Manufactured by Dutch manufacturer Vekoma. Thundercoaster's track is 950 meters in length and features a maximum drop of 32 meters at an angle of 57.4 degrees.

Ypsilon Bridge
Ypsilon BridgeØvre Strandgate 14, 3018 Drammen, Norway

The pedestrian bridge connects Kunnskapsparken, the science park of Grønland in Drammen with the city park on Bragernes. The bridge was designed by the firm of Arne Eggen Architects.

Map of Notable Architectures to explore in Viken