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About Occidental Mindoro

The province is known for its one of the most popular coral reefs in the Philippines, Apo Reef.

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Apo Reef Natural Park

Apo Reef Natural Park

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The Apo Reef, also considered as the second largest atoll-like reef in the Philippines comprises of two isolated coral reefs that are disconnected by a 30-meter deep channel. The clear blue waters of the channel are teeming with 285 species of colorful marine life, including tropical aquarium fish, snappers, and the crevice-dwelling moray. It is one best dive spot in the world, attracting hordes of divers all year-round. The soft white sand and patches of fine corals, clearly visible through the

Cabra Island Lighthouse

Cabra Island Lighthouse



The Cabra Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse built on Cabra Island, the north-westernmost of the Lubang group of islands in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. International vessels entering the Philippines from the South China Sea were welcomed by the Cabra Light and directed either towards Manila Bay or the center of the archipelago through Verde Island Passage, one of busiest sea routes of the Philippines. It was now one of the main attractions in this area.

Mounts Iglit - Baco National Park

Mounts Iglit - Baco National Park

2-5 Day Treks

Mountain Peaks

The Mounts Iglit-Baco National Park is dominated by the twin peaks of Mount Baco and Mount Iglit, which offer some challenging climbs; it can take up to two days to reach the peak of Mount Iglit, so these climbs are tough and not to be underestimated. Vegetation is so dense there have been no officially recorded ascents of Mount Baco. The park has also been nominated in the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The park's vegetation consists primarily of grasslands, lowland Dipterocarp

White Island

White Island is one of the beautiful beaches of San Jose, Mindoro Occidental. The beach contains white and brown sands. The Island is only a 15 minutes boat ride from the town of San Jose. he island is generally horseshoe shaped, although the tides constantly resize and reshape its exact form. There are no trees or shelter of any kind, and it is composed solely of white sands.

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