Northern Samar - 2 Attractions You Must Visit


About Northern Samar

Northern Samar province features several tourism spots. Some of these include old churches, waterfalls, rivers, caves, virgin forests, and beaches.

Types of Attractions in Northern Samar

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List of Attractions in Northern Samar

Biri Island

Biri Island is the most interesting town in Northern Samar. It is known for its splendid rock formations carved thru time due to ferocious waves of the San Bernardino Strait that lap up the eastern portion of its shore. The picturesque Biri Rock Formation is composed of seven gigantic limestone rocks, showcasing itself as an awe-inspiring natural wonder with unique carved forms. It was now one of the great attractions in this area.

Capul Island Lighthouse

Capul Island Lighthouse



In the late 1800s, the Spaniards built a lighthouse on the island that marks the importance of Capul in the maritime navigation of their time. It served and still serving its purpose until now. Capul Island today is a quaint historic town, typically rural and generally out of the usual tourist path. But the island holds rewarding treasures for those who choose the offbeat path to Capul. The lighthouse is one of the centres of the attraction in this area.

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