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Sulu is a province of the Philippines in the Sulu Archipelago. Fishing is the most important industry since the Sulu Sea is one of the richest fishing grounds in the country. The province also has an extensive pearl industry.

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Bud Dajo

Bud Dajo

1 Day Treks

Mountain Peaks


Bud Dajo is a stratovolcano and makes the center part of the island of Sulu (right center of photo) in the Sulu Archipelago. Most of the island is blanketed in the volcanic material. Hot springs have been reported and a lake occupies one crater. There have been two small eruptions in 1641 and 1897. It is also the second-highest point in Sulu. The mountain and adjacent lands were declared as Mount Dajo National Park in 1938.

Tulay Central Mosque

Masjid Tulay is considered the oldest mosque in the Province of Sulu. It was established in 1884 and has been a witness to many historical events. It was destroyed in 1974 because of the war between the government and the Moro National Liberation Front and was rebuilt in 2001. It is also the biggest mosque in Sulu. It can accommodate up to 5,000 people.

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