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About Antique

The coastal areas in Antique are famous for scuba diving. Starting from the southern town of Antique tourists can drop by Sira-an Hot Spring, claimed to be a medical spring.

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List of Attractions in Antique

Maniquin Island Lighthouse

The oldest lighthouse which was located in the heart of the Antique province. The island, also known as Maningning Island or Hammerhead Island. The round cylindrical concrete tower with a gallery on top is located near the southeastern point of the island. It was one of the main attractions in this area.

Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park

The Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park is located on the island of Panay, which was proclaimed a natural park by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on 18 April 2002. The site is home to a wide range of flora and fauna of the Western Visayas, And also a wide range of wild animals also. The water for Boracay Island and the hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit there every year are also provided by the Northwest Panay watershed.

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