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About Mountain Province

Mountain Province located in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon. The province is famous for its mummy caves, which contain naturally mummified bodies, and for its hanging coffins.

Types of Attractions in Mountain Province

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List of Attractions in Mountain Province

Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

A huge old church which was located in the heart of the Mountain province. This church is known for its architecture and The church is subsequently a member of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and American historian William Henry Scott was buried in its grounds on October 10, 1993.

Mount Data

Mount Data

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Mountain Peaks

A beautiful mountain that was located in the heart of the Mountain province and this place is formerly known for its great biological diversity and is a place that has long been in the attention of biologists. The mountain and surrounding area have been declared a National Park since 1936. n addition to several rare species of mammals, there are also so many birds wandering here. it is one of the best trekking destinations and people love this area.

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