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Austria is consistently ranked in the top 20 richest countries in the world by GDP per capita terms. The country has achieved a high standard of living and in 2018 was ranked 20th in the world for its Human Development Index.

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Monuments to Explore in Austria


A small picturesque town declared as one of the World Heritage Sites in Austria. Hallstatt is known for its production of salt, dating back to prehistoric times.

Mozart Monument

In the centre of the Mozartplatz is the Mozart Monument, a statue of the composer by Ludwig Schwanthaler. The statue was to be unveiled in 1841 on the 50th anniversary of Mozart's death. However, this was delayed because a Roman mosaic had been found on the site selected for the statue. After the mosaic had been excavated, the statue was eventually unveiled on 4 September 1842. The marble pedestal on which the statue sits was donated by King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Mozart Monument

The Mozart Monument in honor of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Vienna has been located in the Burggarten in the 1st district of the inner city since 1953 . The memorial is right at the entrance opposite Eschenbachgasse and can be seen clearly from the Burgring .The 7.5 meter high monument was created by the architect Karl König and the sculptor Viktor Tilgner and on April 21, 1896, five days after Tilgner's death, on Albrechtsplatz unveiled.

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