10 Street Markets to Explore in Austria

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Austria is consistently ranked in the top 20 richest countries in the world by GDP per capita terms. The country has achieved a high standard of living and in 2018 was ranked 20th in the world for its Human Development Index.

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Street Markets to Explore in Austria

Alter Markt

Alter Markt is the name of a historic square in Cologne 's Altstadt-Nord district. The area was once a large medieval market and the site of jousting tournaments. Today, visitors will find traditional German architecture and old monuments dedicated to the city’s founders. Outdoor café terraces and open-air concerts fill the square in the warmer months. The Alter Markt is Cologne's most traditional square.


The Graben Vienna is an exclusive and pulsating shopping street in the heart of the inner city with a plague column. Most of the buildings in this pedestrian area origin from the 17th and 18th century and you can find here finest traditional shops. Some of these shops have a long tradition and were already popular in the times when Austria was ruled by emperors.

Hellbrunner Adventzauber

A beautiful christmas market held at Schloss Hellbrunn for almost 20 years. Accompanied by a colorful events program, families, above all, are drawn to this idyllic Advent setting located in the south of the City of Mozart. Beginning in mid-November, the inner courtyard of Schloss Hellbrunn is turned into the romantic backdrop for one of the most beautiful Advent markets in Salzburg.


Kohlmarkt is a shopping street in Vienna's 1st district , Inner City . It stretches from Michaelerplatz to Graben and is considered Vienna's luxury mile due to the high density of jewelers and branches of international fashion labels. It was the location of many exclusive shops. The Kohlmarkt forms the so-called "Golden U" of traditional inner-city shopping streets, which have a high-quality range and are designed as pedestrian zones.


The Maria Theresa Street, named after Empress Maria Theresa is a broad, slightly curved specimens and commercial street and a central road train Innsbruck , which dates back to the first expansion of the city in the 13th century. It is one of the busiest streets in the city. Life still revolved around the Old Town, which was surrounded by powerful medieval city walls and was only accessible from Maria Theresien Street through the St. Jörgen Gate.

Markthalle Innsbruck

Markthalle is a large covered area on the banks of the Inn river combining a farmers' market with a selection of food shops. It sells exquisite foodstuffs and flowers from Tirol and many other countries and regions around the world.


Vienna’s best-known market has around 120 market stands and restaurants for a colorful culinary offering ranging from Viennese to Indian, from Vietnamese to Italian. Nowadays, one can buy fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world, exotic herbs, cheese, baked goods such as bread, kaiser rolls, torte, meats, and seafood.


The Ringstraße is a street in Austria's capital Vienna. It goes around the first district in almost the shape of a circle. The road is located on sites where medieval city fortifications once stood, including high walls and the broad open field ramparts, criss-crossed by paths that lay before them. Many large public buildings were erected along the Ringstrasse in an eclectic historicist style, sometimes called Ringstraßenstil.

Salzburger Schranne - Schrannenmarkt Salzburg

The Salzburger Schranne is a weekly market on the forecourt of St. Andräkirche. Every Thursday traders from the city and the surrounding area offer regional delicacies, flowers and handicrafts for sale. Starting at 5 in the morning, farmers, producers and food stands sell their high-quality specialties at a fair price.


Steingasse is one of the oldest streets on the right side of the Salzburg historic district. It runs parallel to the River Salzach at the foot of the Kapuzinerberg, its medieval charm captivating visitors from around the world. It dates back to the time when Salzburg was the Roman city of Juvavum. In the middle ages, it became an important trade route and was the main entry point for salt consignments from the Hallein Township.

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