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Austria is consistently ranked in the top 20 richest countries in the world by GDP per capita terms. The country has achieved a high standard of living and in 2018 was ranked 20th in the world for its Human Development Index.

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Lake/ River/ Ponds to Explore in Austria

Afritzer See

The Afritzer See is a lake in Carinthia . It is located in the region of the valley north of Villach in the municipality of Feld am See. It is located in the region valley in the Nock Mountains at an altitude of 752 m above sea level. The lake is the remnant of what was once a larger lake. This was divided by a rock fall from the Mirnock. Since the lake is located in an often windy valley furrow, it does not reach the high water temperatures of other Carinthian lakes.


Almsee is a lake in Upper Austria's part of the Salzkammergut in the Almtal valley, 11 kilometers south of the village of Grünau im Almtal. A good picnic and camping location where you have possibilities of fishing bathing and so more. The lake drains through the Alm River. Since 1965, the area around the Almsee is under nature conservation.


The Alplochschlucht is a natural gorge in the field of Austrian city of Dornbirn in Vorarlberg . It was formed by a mountain breakthrough of the Dornbirner Ach and is still traversed by this. The gorge is passable on a wooden walkway for pedestrians. The Ebensand power plant with the Staufensee reservoir is located at the mouth of the Alploch Gorge . Then the Dornbirner Ach flows again through a striking gorge, the Rappenloch Gorge .

Altausseer See

The Altausseer See is a mountain lake at the southwest foot of the Dead Mountains in the Styrian part of the Salzkammergut. The center of the municipality of Altaussee is on the west bank . The outlet of the Altausseer See is the Altausseer Traun , which drains via the Traun into the Danube. The lake, with its largely undeveloped shores and adjoining wetlands, offers habitats for many animal and plant species and has been a nature reserve since 1959.


Attersee, also known as Kammersee, English sometimes Lake Atter, is the largest lake of the Salzkammergut region in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. It is Austria's third largest lake by area, surpassed only by Lake Constance and Lake Neusiedl, which, however, both extend beyond national borders. Due to its steady winds and clean water quality, Attersee is famous for attracting sailors and swimmers alike.

Badestausee Rechnitz

This beautiful lake located in Faludital on the southern slope of the Günser mountains on the outskirts of the market town of Rechnitz in the district of Oberwart in Burgenland. It is about 300 meters long, a hundred meters wide and a maximum of seven meters deep. The lake is fed by the Rechnitzbach , which rises from the Geschrittenstein . The entire bathing area has an area of ​​more than five hectares.

Baggersee Innsbruck

This beautiful lake is the summer meeting point for sun worshipers, trend athletes and families - everyone gets their money's worth here. With an area size of 2.8 ha it is the second largest lake in the city area. Only the Lake Lans surpasses it by size and volume. Rare water birds like cormorants and swans were detected by eager ornithologists who use this territory during the non-bathing season.


A beautfiul lake located in the gheat odf Styria refers to three bodies of water on the Rhine at the northern foot of the Alps: Upper Lake Constance, Lower Lake Constance, and a connecting stretch of the Rhine, called the Lake Rhine, These waterbodies lie within the Lake Constance Basin, which is part of the Alpine Foreland and through which the Rhine flows.

Bregenzer Ache

The Bregenzer Ach is an approximately 67 kilometer long tributary of Lake Constance in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg . With a catchment area of around 830 km², the river drains almost the entire area of ​​the Bregenzerwald and, with an average water flow of 41 m³ / s, is the most important river in the northern part of the state. The Ach is named after the Vorarlberg state capital Bregenz , for which it represents the border to the neighboring communities Hard and Lauterach.


The Darscho is a salt varnish in the Austrian Seewinkel in Burgenland. The body of water is part of the UNESCO World Heritage area of ​​the Fertő / Neusiedler See cultural landscape . Above all, various water birds, sandpipers, seagulls and herons can be observed here. [2] The remote, small steppe is also namesake of wines from the vineyards of the area.


The Donaukanal is actually a decent-sized river channel that breaks off from the mighty Danube at the northwest entrance to Vienna, curves around the edge of the old town, and then continues out to the far east of the city where it rejoins the main river. The paths on both sides of the Donaukanal are regularly used by joggers, cyclists and skaters. Recently, there have been successful attempts during the summer months at turning the place into a more attractive recreational area.


The Duisitzkarsee is a cirque lake in the Schladminger Tauern in the Austrian state of Styria . Due to its idyllic location, the popular photo motif is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Styria. The lake has been accessible since 1997 by a forest road that is closed to motorized private traffic and leads up from the Eschachalm. Three hiking trails lead from different directions to the Duisitzkarsee.


A mountain lake with a natural spring in the Lechquellen mountains. It is fed by a natural spring and builds itself annually new from the snowmelt. That is why his size varies. Normally the lake is about 500 m long and 400 m wide with a maximum depth of 17 m.


The Giglachseen , consisting of Oberem and Unterem Giglachsee , are two mountain lakes in the Niedere Tauern range in the Austrian state of Styria . They form the heart of the western Schladminger Tauern and are a popular hiking destination.


A beautiful lake located in the Upper Austria and it is an iconic picnic location and also there are so many other options for leisure too.


The Gleirschklamm is one of the most beautiful natural gorges in the Karwendel . It has always captivated with its imposing rocks, small waterfalls and crystal-clear water. You experience a unique water-rock landscape and feel the power and strength of the water, which has been making its way through the rock for centuries. On a hot summer's day, the hiker enjoys the cool and water-saturated air in the Gleirschklamm.


A beautiful picturesque mountain lake situated between the impressive Dachstein Glacier and the mighty peaks of the Gosaukamm. Experience hiking, climbing, or diving during your visit to Lake Gosau in the Salzkammergut. In the case of Gosaulacke, rain and water from thawing snow feed the lake. Its main inflow comes from the medium-sized inner lake and the main outflow feeds the much larger outer lake.


This is the largest lake in Styria. It is also known as the "Styrian Sea". In Gössl, at the end of the lake, there is a recreation area with water slide and children's play area. Shopping and refreshments are also available nearby. it is one of the iocnioc attraction in this area in the middle of lovely nature.

Grüner See

Grüner See is a lake in Styria, Austria in a village named Tragöß. The lake is surrounded by forests and three mountains. The lake was popular among divers who could observe the green meadows in the edge zone of the lake particularly in June when the water is at its highest. Because of the spike in tourist visits that has occurred and expected damage to this sensitive environment, the use of this lake for all watersports activities has been prohibited since 1 January 2016.


The Hafnersee is one of several lakes in the Keutschacher Seental south of the Wörthersee. The lake is located in the Keutschacher Seental in the area of ​​the Sattnitz , which owes its origin to a branch of the Draugletscher . This has shaped the tectonically pre-formed valley furrow. A good picnic and camping point and also there are so many other leisure opportunities too.

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