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4 Lake/ River/ Ponds to explore in Myanmar


Largest of the mainland South East Asian nation. Overcame the long history of civil wars in 2011 to have a civilian government.

Indawgyi Lake
Indawgyi LakeIndawgyi Lake, Myanmar (Burma)

Indawgyi Lake is Myanmar's largest lake and forms the basis of the Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary. It was nominated for UNESCO protection. It was also the largest inland lakes in Southeast Asia. there are over 20 villages surrounding the lake and it is the main water resource for all of them. it is the main part of the Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary.

Inle Lake
Inle LakeInle Lake, Myanmar (Burma)

Inle Lake is another UNESCO protected site in Myanmar, the lake his home to the Intha people whose traditional one leg-rowing technique is one of the images closely to associated to tourism in Myanmar. It is best to hire a boat and be driven around to the various farming locations, which occur on the lake and visit homes, which are also built into the lake. An island on Inle Lake has been dedicated to growing the numbers of the Burmese Cat.

Rih Dil
Rih DilRih Dil, Myanmar (Burma)

This relatively small, natural body of water along the India-Myanmar border is a nook of Chin State still largely unexplored due to its remoteness and a history of regional travel bans. Surrounded by rolling hills of green and vibrant rice paddies, the journey to get to Rih Lake is definitely worth a little discomfort. This lake is also one of the main water resources in this area.

ဆဒၵန္ဂူ Sadan Cave Kayin

Cave with a deep cavern with golden pagodas and statues of the Buddha, and a lake in one end.

Map of Lake/ River/ Ponds to explore in Myanmar