Vinh Long - 2 Attractions You Must Visit


About Vinh Long

Vinh Long is better known for the fishing industry, being one of the largest fish-exporting provinces in Vietnam. Besides, Vinh Long Vietnam is home to several beautiful destinations that attracts tourists.

Types of Attractions in Vinh Long

Activities Around

List of Attractions in Vinh Long

Chùa Tiên Châu

Chùa Tiên Châu

Buddhist Temples

Notable Architectures

Tien Chau pagoda is the most ancient pagoda in Vinh Long province. Inside the shrine, there are a lot of delicate statues to see, from Bodhisattva to Ngoc Hoang, Bac Dau, Minh Vuong, etc.

Pham Hung memorial

It is a memorial house dedicated to the late Chairman of the Council of Ministers Pham Hung in Vinh Long province.

Map of attractions in Vinh Long


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