3 Waterfalls in Binh Phuoc that you should visit - With photos & details

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3 Waterfalls to explore in Binh Phuoc

Binh Phuoc is a province in the South East Region, located in the south key economic zone of Vietnam with an area of 6,876.6 kilometer square.

Thác ĐứngĐường đi Thác đứng, Đoàn Kết, Bù Đăng, Bình Phước, Vietnam

A beautiful waterfall which was located in the heart of the Binh Phuoc province which was surrounded by lush greenery and flowing through the beautiful rocks. The view of the waterfalls gives anew experience for the Viewers. It was formed by natural geological tectonics and was the result of long geological campaign millions of years ago.

Thác Lưu Ly - Bù Gia MậpBù Gia Mập, Bù Gia Mập District, Binh Phuoc, Vietnam

A pristine waterfall in the Dak nong river.  Luu Ly waterfall eco-tourism area is considered to be an ideal destination for tourists on a journey to learn about the "Green Highland Road". Daily a lot of people comes here to experience this waterfall and this nature.

Thác VoiĐồng Nai, Bù Đăng District, Binh Phuoc, Vietnam

A beautiful waterfall which was located in the Binh Phuoc province also called as Elephant falls.  The waterfall is located 8 km northeast of Dong Nai commune's administrative center. The waterfall has a height of 15m, in the pristine forest.