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Top 4 attractions to explore in Nam Dinh

Nam Định Province is well known in Vietnam for its traditional education system and schools. This is the land of culture, birthplace of many principal graduates, "Khoi nguyen", and intellectuals who bring fame to the country, a unique cultural area mixed between the sea culture and delta culture, scholarly culture and folklore.

Cố Trạch TempleTrần Thừa, Lộc Vượng, TP. Nam Định, Nam Định, Vietnam
Buddhist Temples

Co Trach Temple is dedicated to Hung Dao Dai Vuong-Tran Quoc Tuan who was a commander-in-chief of Vietnam who fought off the Mongols in their multiple invasions of Vietnam in the 13th century. The temple was located in a beautiful area and the surroundings of the temple attracts a lot of people to this place.

Phủ DầyKim Thái, Vụ Bản District, Nam Dinh, Vietnam
Man-made Structures- Other

Phu Thick is a traditional architectural complex of Vietnamese people spread across Kim Thai commune, Vu Ban district , Nam Dinh province ,

Phu Nhai ChurchXuân Phương, Xuân Trường District, Nam Dinh 420000, Vietnam

The Basilica of Immaculate Conception is a neo-Gothic Roman Catholic basilica in Phú Nhai, Xuân Trường, Nam Định, Vietnam. The basilica rises to a height of 30 meters and is flanked by two bell towers, each of which is 44 meters long. The bell towers contain 4 bells, each of which weighs two tons. In front of the church, there is a square with two monuments. This church was an architectural marvel in this area.

Xuan Thuy National ParkGiao Thiện, Giao Thủy District, Nam Dinh 07000, Vietnam
National Parks

The Xuan Thuy National Park is located in the north of Vietnam in the Giao Thuy District, Nam Dinh province. Xuan Thuy was declared the country’s first Ramsar site by the Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance in January 1989, it was upgraded from its status as a nature reserve and approved as a national park by the Prime Minister in 2003.

Map of attractions in Nam Dinh