Yên Bái - 2 Attractions You Must Visit


About Yên Bái

Yen Bai has steep topography, rising from east to west and from south to north. and it is constituted by three majestic colossal mountain ranges including Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, con Voi Mountain, and limestone mountain. Forestry and farming are the main economic stays of the province.

Types of Attractions in Yên Bái

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List of Attractions in Yên Bái

Khau Phạ Pass

Khau Phạ Pass


Mountain Peaks

Mountain Passes

Khau Phạ Pass, which lies between Văn Chấn District and Mù Căng Chải District, is the most rugged and longest pass on National Highway 32 with a length of 30 kilometers. The area is known for terraced rice paddies.

Thác Bà Lake

Thác Bà Lake

Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Thác Bà Lake is a manmade lake in Vietnam created by the construction of the Thác Bà hydroelectric plant in the 1960s. Thác Bà is the name of the Bà Falls which pre-existed the dam. It is now one of the water resource to the town and also one of the tourist attraction.

Map of attractions in Yên Bái


For more information about Yên Bái, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y%C3%AAn_B%C3%A1i_Province