Old Towns to Explore in Lạng Sơn

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Lạng Sơn

Important historical places of interest in the province are the war-ravaged Đông Đôn border town, which has rich war history and attracts visitors, two large limestone caves within a short distance from the Lạng Sơn town, and a 16th-century citadel of the Ming dynasty. Apart from the historical place, this province offers wonderful scenery of mountains.

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Old Towns to Explore in Lạng Sơn

Thanh Nha Mac

Also known as the ancient city of Tuyen Quang, is a historical and cultural relics in the city of Tuyen Quang province Tuyen Quang, Vietnam. Tuyen Quang Citadel is one of the few remaining monuments of the Mac Dynasty in Vietnamese history. It is one of the ancient architectural wonders in this area.

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