Jambi - 3 Attractions You Must Visit


About Jambi

Jambi is another province settled in Sumatra Island. The capital of this province is Jambi city. Mount and Lake Kerinci is a common tourist place in Jambi.

Types of Attractions in Jambi

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List of Attractions in Jambi

Gentala Arasy Bridge

Gentala Arasy bridge is one of the icons in Jambi. This bridge was built in 2012 . Actually there are two objects in this location, the tower of Gentala Arasy and Pedestrian bridge. It was one of the architectural wonders in this province, a lot of people visits this architectural wonder.

Makam Raja - Raja

Makam Raja - Raja

Man-made Structures- Other

This royal cemetery is located in Karang Kulon Village and belongs to Imogiri Sub-District. The location is in a hilly area, so tourists must spend some effort to reach the site. it is one of the historical places which has a historical significance in the growth of Jambi city.

The National Park Authority Berbak

The Berbak National Park in Sumatra island, Jambi province of Indonesia, forms part of the largest undisturbed swamp forest in southeastern Asia, and the peat swamp forest with the greatest number of palm species. Protected since 1935 under Dutch colonial law and later declared a national park, it has been also recognised as a wetland of international importance.

Map of attractions in Jambi


For more information about Jambi, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jambi