Lake/ River/ Ponds to Explore in Punakha

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Punakha District is one of the 20 districts comprising Bhutan. It is bordered by Thimphu, Gasa, and Wangdue Phodrang Districts. The dominant language in the district is Dzongkha, the national language.

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Lake/ River/ Ponds to Explore in Punakha

Mo Chhu River

"Mo" means female and "Chhu" means water or river, so this is the "Female River.". The Mo Chhu flows generally southward to Punakha in central Bhutan, where it joins the Pho Chhu from the northeast. The confluence of the two rivers is right below the Punakha Dzong which is a treasure trove of experiences as activities like Rafting and Kayaking are carried out here.

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