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Mae Hong Son's nickname is "the city of three mists". It is hemmed in by the high mountain ranges of the Shan Hills and is the most mountainous province in Thailand. The province is often covered with mist.

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List of Attractions in Mae Hong Son

Lod Cave

Tham Lod Cave is one of Thailand’s most impressive and easily accessible caves, partly for its size, partly for its attractive limestone stalactite formations and partly for an unusual coffin cave hidden within the main cave. It is a cave system with a length of 1.666 meters. Geologic formations sprouting from the floor and ceiling, and forming flowstone columns where stalactites and stalagmites grew together. IT is now one of the main attractions in Mae hong son province.

Namtok Mae Surin National Park

Namtok Mae Surin National Park is a national park in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. Home to mountains, waterfalls and caves, the park is best known for its namesake Mae Surin waterfall. Mae Surin, a single-tier waterfall 180 metres in height. Another large waterfall is Pa Bong, a two-tier waterfall with a height of 30 metres. Many of the park's streams eventually join the Pai River, which flows through the park.

Salawin National Park

Salawin National Park

National Parks

Salween (Salawin) National Park is located in the far west of Mae Sariang district, Mae Hong Son, and encompasses the well preserved forested hills along the slopes of the watershed between the Yuam and Salween Rivers. It’s a large national park of more than 720 square kilometres. The topography is a mixture of evergreen and deciduous, and the limestone hills rise to over a thousand metres.

Tham Pla–Namtok Pha Suea National Park

Tham Pla–Namtok Pha Suea National Park is a national park in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. It is home to caves, waterfalls and steep mountain terrain. The park's main attraction is Tham Pla ("fish cave"), a water-filled cave hosting hundreds of soro brook carp. The fish are revered by locals and a nearby Hindu statue is said to protect them.

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