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26 Mountain Peaks to explore in Upper Austria

Upper Austria

Upper Austria is Austria's leading industrial region. As of 2009, it accounted for approximately a quarter of the country's exports.

AlmtalAlmtal, 4655 Vorchdorf, Austria

The Almtal is a valley in the Traunviertel in the Upper Austrian Alps through which the Alm flows. As the Lower Almtal , the valley area is one of the 41 Upper Austrian spatial units ; as the Almtal tourist region , it is part of the Salzkammergut . It stretches between the Trauntal in the west and Kremstal in the east for about 25 km in the Upper Austrian Pre-Alps.

Alpine Club Austria - Simonyhütte
Alpine Club Austria - Simonyhütte4830 Hallstatt, Austria

The Simonyhütte is a refuge of the Austrian Alpine Association named after the geographer and alpine researcher "Friedrich Simony. The hut has offered mountain climbers protection and accommodation for 135 years. But the Simonyhütte is more than just a refuge - it is a training center for numerous courses and courses on rock and ice, it is a daily destination for hikers and ski mountaineers and, last but not least, it is an important base for climbing the Dachstein.

BöhmerwaldBöhmerwald, Austria

The Bohemian Forest , in Czech Šumava , is a mountain range about 120 km long and up to 50 km wide, which stretches along the Czech - German - Austrian border. After the Giant Mountains and Jeseníky Mountains, it is the third highest rump mountain range in the Bohemian Massif . The highest mountain in the Bohemian Forest is the Great Arber at 1,456 m . The asteroid of the central main belt Šumava was named after the mountain range.

BosruckBosruck, 4582, Austria

The Bosruck is at 1992 m above sea level. A. Height of the westernmost mountain in the Ennstal Alps on the border between Upper Austria and Styria . It is separated from the main ridge of the Haller Walls by the Pyhrgasgatterl and forms its own, ridge-like mountain stock made of limestone. In front of the Bosruck on the ridge to the west are the peaks Lahnerkogel and Kitzstein , to the east is the Frauenmauer .

DrachenwandDrachenwand, 5310 Sankt Lorenz, Austria

The Drachenwand is a rock face at 1176 m above sea level. A. Height in the Salzkammergut Mountains , a mountain group in the Northern Limestone Alps . Due to its attractive tourist location on the west bank of the Mondsee , it is a popular destination for hikes from St. Lorenz . Your forested southern side has only a slight slope to the north, however, making it an impressive, about 700 meters high, nearly vertical rock wall that the panorama of the northern Mondsee dominated .

FeuerkogelFeuerkogel, 4802 Ebensee, Austria

The Feuerkogel, the sunniest mountain from upper Austria scores with a fantastic view on the whole Salzkammergut. Comfortable huts and many sports possibilities make your holiday to an unforgetable experience. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and also it offers trekking and so many other adventure options too.

Großer Priel
Großer PrielGroßer Priel, 4573 Hinterstoder, Austria

The Große Priel is the only peak in the Dead Mountains that protrudes above the 2500 m mark, and its rocky neighbor, the Spitzmauer, is considered the most beautiful elevation of the Dead Mountains. It ranks among the ultra prominent peaks of the Alps. Part of the Northern Limestone Alps, its steep Dachstein cliffs form the northeastern rim of a large karst plateau and are visible from afar across the Alpine Foreland.

Großer Pyhrgas
Großer PyhrgasGroßer Pyhrgas, 4582, Austria

The Große Pyhrgas is a mountain in the Ennstal Alps on the border between Upper Austria and Styria. At a height of 2,244 m above sea level. it is the highest summit and western buttress of the Haller Mauern range. Alpine huts on the Großer Pyhrgas are, on the Upper Austrian side, the Hofalm Hut (1,305 m), the Rohrauerhaus and the Bosruck Hut.

HochfichtHochficht, 4161 Klaffer am Hochficht, Austria

The Hochficht is a mountain in the Mühlviertel in Upper Austria with a height of 1,338 m above sea level. Its summit marks the border between Austria and the Czech Republic. At the top is a rock outcrop with a summit cross, a ski lift station and a weather station. The Czech side of the mountain is in the core zone of the Bohemian Forest National Park. The Hochficht in the cross-border Bohemian Forest is part of the municipality of Klaffer.

HochleckenkogelHochleckenkogel, 4814 Altmünster, Austria

Hochleckenkogel is a high mountain in the western Höllengebirge . Its summit, overgrown with mountain pines , drops with a steep NE flank into the rear Aurachkar. The entrance to the Hochlecken cave is on this side . At the summit there is an old surveying stone with the inscription: Operatio Astronom. Trigon. 1811 on one side and on the other KV Regnante Imperator Francisco Prim.

Hoher Dachstein
Hoher DachsteinHoher Dachstein, 4830, Austria

Hoher Dachstein is the main peak of the Dachstein massif, which contains several 100 limestone peaks and marks the border between the Austrian provinces Styria, Salzburg and Upper Austria. The main summit of the Hoher Dachstein is at an elevation of 2,995 metres. Seen from the north, the Dachstein massif is dominated by glaciers with rocky summits rising beyond them. By contrast, to the south, the mountain drops almost vertically to the valley floor.

Hoher Nock
Hoher NockHoher Nock, 4575, Austria

The Hohe Nock is a karstified plateau mountain in south-eastern Upper Austria . With a height of 1963 m above sea level. A. it towers over the Windischgarstner Basin to the south by around 1400 meters and forms the highest elevation of the Sengsengebirge and the entire Upper Austrian Pre-Alps . The mountain is located in the central area of ​​the Kalkalpen National Park, established in 1997 .

HöllengebirgeHöllengebirge, 4802, Austria

The Höllengebirge is a folded mountain range in the Upper Austrian part of the Salzkammergut that extends to the north and is part of the Northern Limestone Alps. The highest peak of the Höllengebirge is the Große Höllkogel at 1,862m. The Höllengebirge is made accessible to tourism through alpine club huts and a large network of trails. A cable car leads from Ebensee to the Feuerkogel in the eastern Höllengebirge, where there are also several shelters.

Kleiner Sonnstein
Kleiner SonnsteinKleiner Sonnstein, 4802 Ebensee, Austria

The Kleine Sonnstein is 923 m above sea level. A. high mountain in the municipality of Traunkirchen on the west bank of the Traunsee . It is a popular hiking mountain because of its excellent view over the Traunsee, the Tote Gebirge and the Höllengebirge . The Sonnsteinhütte of the Traunkirchen mountain rescue service is located near the summit. In the summit area there is a beautifully pronounced snow heather-pine forest.

KrippensteinKrippenstein, 4831 Obertraun, Austria

The Hohe Krippenstein is a 2,108 m high, popular panoramic mountain on the northern edge of the Dachstein Mountains in Upper Austria. It has the shape of a double peak : in front of the Hohe Krippenstein, 500 m away, is a very rocky summit of 2,034 m, which carries a transmitter mast and the so-called pioneer cross. A good trekking destination and also it offers beautiful views of this area.

LangbathseenLangbathseen, 4802 Ebensee, Austria

The Langbathseen are two mountain lakes in Upper Austria's part of the Salzkammergut, 8 kilometers from Ebensee. Its excellent visibility makes the Vorderer Langbathsee a popular diving site. An iconic attraction for a picnic with family and also it will impress you with the astonishing natural beauty.

PlöckensteinPlöckenstein, 4164, Austria

The Plöckenstein is a mountain, 1,379 m high, in the Bohemian Forest on the Austro-Czech border. Its summit is the highest point in the Bohemian Forest in both countries, and also the highest point in the regions of Mühlviertel and South Bohemia. It is well known as a result of stories by Adalbert Stifter. A good trekking destination and also there are options for adventure sports too.

PöstlingbergPöstlingberg, 4040 Linz, Austria

A beautiful hill which was on the left bank of the Danube in the city of Linz, Austria. It is a popular tourist destination, with a viewing platform over the city, and is the site of the Pöstlingberg pilgrimage church, and the Linz Grottenbahn. A good trekking destination and also it offers various opportunities to explore this hill.

SchobersteinSchoberstein, 4591 Molln, Austria

Schoberstein known in local as Schoberstein, is a Peak and is located in the state of Upper Austria. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and also it offers so many adventure options too.

SengsengebirgeSengsengebirge, 4575, Austria

The Sengsengebirge is a mountain range of folds in the Upper Austrian Pre-Alps that extends to the north and is part of the Northern Limestone Alps . The heavily karstified mountains consist mainly of Wetterstein limestone , drains mostly underground and is criss-crossed by several large caves, including the Klarahöhle with a length of over 31 kilometers. The highest elevation is at 1963  m above sea level. A. the Hohe Nock .

Map of Mountain Peaks to explore in Upper Austria