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5 Man-made Structures- Other to explore in Upper Austria

Upper Austria

Upper Austria is Austria's leading industrial region. As of 2009, it accounted for approximately a quarter of the country's exports.

Alpine Club Austria - Simonyhütte
Alpine Club Austria - Simonyhütte4830 Hallstatt, Austria

The Simonyhütte is a refuge of the Austrian Alpine Association named after the geographer and alpine researcher "Friedrich Simony. The hut has offered mountain climbers protection and accommodation for 135 years. But the Simonyhütte is more than just a refuge - it is a training center for numerous courses and courses on rock and ice, it is a daily destination for hikers and ski mountaineers and, last but not least, it is an important base for climbing the Dachstein.

BaumkronenwegKnechtelsdorf 1, 4794 Knechtelsdorf, Austria

The impressive wooden structure extends through the treetops of the Sauwald over a length of more than 1,000 meters and up to 15 meters above the forest floor. Experience with your whole family on a circular route in lofty heights unique perspectives in untouched nature. At over 30 adventure stations along the way, you can playfully explore the flora and fauna of the forest in a guided tour or on your own.

GrottenbahnAm Pöstlingberg 16, 4040 Linz, Austria

The Linzer Grottenbahn is a touristic fairytale world on the Pöstlingberg in one of the fortification towers of the Maximilian fortification ring of the city. An electrically powered train in the shape of a dragon called Lenzibald travels on a circular path through the outer ring of the historic fortified tower. During two tours, the niches on the left and the right are illuminated, in which adventures from the dwarf kingdom are depicted. A final passage takes place with festival lighting.

Museumsbahn Steyrtal
Museumsbahn SteyrtalRedtenbachergasse 14, 4400 Steyr, Austria

The narrow-gauge Steyrtalbahn ran from Garsten via Grünburg and Molln to Klaus with a side wing from Pergern via Sierning to Bad Hall in Upper Austria . Today it only runs as a museum train on weekends in the summer months, in Advent and around the turn of the year. It leads through beautiful forest and meadow landscapes along the Steyr, one of the cleanest rivers in Austria.

Pöstlingbergbahn Bergstation
Pöstlingbergbahn BergstationAm Pöstlingberg 9, 4040 Linz, Austria

Pöstlingbergbahn is the steepest adhesion railway in Europe, creates a harmonious combination of nostalgia and modernity through its design. In only 20 minutes, starting from Hauptplatz, its climbs Linz's local mountain. Opened in 1898, for 110 years the metre-gauge railway ran from a terminal station in Linz's Urfahr neighbourhood, located across from the terminus of urban tram route 3, to Pöstlingberg.

Map of Man-made Structures- Other to explore in Upper Austria