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New York

Located in the Northeastern United States. New York was one of the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States. It is also the fourth most populous state in United States.

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Museums to Explore in New York

1890 House Museum

The 1890 House Museum, is a historic property that provides a unique insight into the city’s past. Built in 1890 by prominent local businessman John Thomas Hunter, the three-story house is a fine example of Victorian architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It contains an impressive collection of original antiques and furnishings, and visitors can explore the history of the house and its various inhabitants as they explore its rooms.

Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake

The Adirondack Experience, also known as The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, is a renowned museum located in Blue Mountain Lake, Hamilton County, New York. It is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history, culture, and natural environment of the Adirondack region.The museum offers a comprehensive and immersive experience, allowing visitors to explore the rich heritage of the Adirondacks through a variety of exhibits, interactive displays, and outdoor spaces.

Adirondack History Museum

The Adirondack History Museum in Essex County is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of the region. Established in 1968, it is one of the most comprehensive collections of artifacts and information about the area’s past. The museum focuses on everyday life from pre-Colonial times through today, with exhibits exploring areas such as Native American culture, the Revolutionary War, and the growth of industry.

Albany Institute of History & Art

This is a museum in Albany, New York which was promoting interest in the history, art, and culture. It is among the oldest museums in the United States.

Alice T Miner Museum

The Alice T. Miner Museum in Clinton County is a historic museum that showcases the regional history of Northern New York State. Founded in 1892, the museum is housed in a Greek revival building that was originally a home built by Alice T. Miner and her husband, William Laton Miner. The Alice T. Miner Museum features a variety of exhibits, including artifacts, photographs, and documents that illustrate life in the North Country region of New York State in the 19th and 20th centuries.

American Museum of Natural History

This is the largest natural history museum in the world. The complex comprises 26 interconnected buildings housing 45 permanent exhibition halls, in addition to a planetarium and a library and the collections contain over 34 million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, human remains, and human cultural artifacts and more.

Antique Boat Museum

The Antique Boat Museum, located in Jefferson County, New York, is a premier destination for boat enthusiasts and history buffs. Situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in the charming village of Clayton, this museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the rich maritime heritage of the region.The Antique Boat Museum is home to one of the most extensive collections of antique and classic boats in North America.

Arkell Museum

The Arkell Museum is a renowned art museum located in Montgomery County. It is known for its diverse collection of artworks, including American paintings, European art, and a significant collection of ceramics.The museum was established in 1927 by Bartlett Arkell, the founder of the Beech-Nut Packing Company. The collection primarily focuses on American art, with an emphasis on 19th and 20th-century works.

Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum

Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum is a stunning historic mansion located in the Bronx, New York. Built in 1836 and originally owned by Robert Bartow, the mansion is now a National Historic Landmark and serves as a museum of American decorative arts and architecture from the 19th century. The museum features a variety of historic artifacts, including furniture, paintings, and artifacts from the Bartow family.

Bronck Museum

The Bronck Museum in Greene County is truly a hidden gem of New York State. This historic farm complex dates back to 1663 and was the first home of Pieter Bronck, one of the area's earliest Dutch settlers. Today, visitors can explore the meticulously restored property and learn more about the fascinating history of the region. From the beautiful gardens to the furnished interiors of the Bronck farmhouse, there's plenty to discover at this charming museum.

Bronx Children's Museum

The Bronx Children's Museum is a must-visit destination for families located in the Bronx, New York City. The museum offers a variety of interactive exhibits, activities, and classes to engage and educate children about the world around them. The museum has a variety of different themes such as science, technology, art, nature, and history. In addition to the exhibits, the museum also offers numerous programs and special events such as story time, art classes, and concerts.

Brooklyn Historical Society

Founded in 1863, is a museum, library, and educational center preserving and encouraging the study of Brooklyn's 400-year history. The Brooklyn Historical Society houses materials relating to the history of Brooklyn and its people, and hosts exhibitions which draw over 9,000 members a year.

Brooklyn Museum

At 560,000 square feet (52,000 m2), the museum is New York City's third largest in physical size and holds an art collection with roughly 1.5 million works. At 560,000 square feet (52,000 m2), the museum is New York City's third largest in physical size and holds an art collection with roughly 1.5 million works.

Buffalo AKG Art Museum

The Buffalo AKG Art Museum is a space dedicated to the celebration of culture and art. The museum houses an impressive collection of American and international art, from both the 20th and 21st centuries, and features a wide variety of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and installations. Along with this collection, the museum hosts educational events, lectures, and workshops with visiting artists, and is home to an outdoor sculpture garden.

Buffalo Museum of Science

The Buffalo Museum of Science is a museum, that is dedicated to the exploration of science, technology, and natural history. The museum houses permanent collections of over 700,000 artifacts, including minerals, fossils, scientific instruments, and Native American artifacts. It also features numerous interactive exhibits, education programs, and special events throughout the year.

Buffalo Naval Park

The Buffalo Naval Park is a historic site and museum dedicated to preserving the heritage of the U.S. Navy. Located in Buffalo, New York, the Buffalo Naval Park features restored naval ships, a memorial to the victims of the attack on the USS Cole, an interactive museum, and a research facility. The park is open to the public, and offers educational programs and group tours.

Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village

Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village is a living history museum, preserves the culture and legacy of various communities that settled in the area between 1797-1948. Visitors are invited to explore 200 years of history through authentic interpretive programs, educational workshops, and guided tours. There’s also an extensive collection of artifacts from the region’s various historic sites and buildings, including a fully-restored 1820s log cabin, an 1800s schoolhouse, and a 1840s grist mill.

Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum

The Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum is a unique museum dedicated to the history of the Pierce Arrow Motor Car Company.This museum features a variety of artifacts, including photographs and documents from the company's history, as well as an extensive collection of Pierce Arrow cars. The museum also features interactive exhibits, rare artifacts, and audio-visual presentations that tell the story of Pierce Arrow and its impact on Buffalo's history.

Bundy Museum of History and Art

The Bundy Museum of History and Art is a popular destination in Broome County, New York City. Located just 5 miles west of Dorchester Park in the Broome section of the Bronx, the museum features a variety of exhibitions and collections related to the history and culture of the region. With more than 70,000 artifacts, visitors can explore the area's diverse history from Native American roots to the modern day.

Burden Iron Works Museum

Welcome to the Burden Iron Works Museum, a captivating historical destination located in Troy, New York, USA. This museum pays homage to the city's rich industrial heritage and the significant role it played in the growth of the American iron industry.Situated within the former Burden Iron Works complex, the museum provides a fascinating glimpse into the industrial prowess of the 19th century and the innovations that shaped the landscape of Troy and the nation.

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