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10 Lake/ River/ Ponds to Explore in Inyo County

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Inyo County

Almost one-half of Inyo Country is within Death Valley National Park. With a population density of 1.8 people per square mile, it also has the second-lowest population density in California, after Alpine County.

Lake/ River/ Ponds to Explore in Inyo County

Badwater Basin

An endorheic basin noted as the lowest point in North America, with a depth of 282 ft (86 m) below sea level. Consisists of a small spring-fed pool of "bad water" next to the road in a sink; the accumulated salts of the surrounding basin make it undrinkable, thus giving it the name. Significant rainstorms flood the valley bottom periodically, covering the salt pan with a thin sheet of standing water. When the basin is flooded, some of the salt is dissolved; it is redeposited as clean crystals w

Big Pine Creek

Big Pine Creek is a 12.1-mile-long stream in Inyo County of eastern California, in the western United States. It flows from the eastern Sierra Nevada down to the Owens Valley, where it is a major tributary of the Owens River near Big Pine. The canal provides water to the Big Pine area for irrigation, recreation and groundwater recharge. There are no storage dams or reservoirs.

Big Pine Lakes

Big Pine Lakes is located in the heart of the Eastern Sierras of California. It is roughly 10 miles west of of Big Pine and around 15 miles south of Bishop. Whether you are day hiking or backpacking Big Pine Lakes, the view once you reach the glacial lakes will take your breath away. This hike is one of the biggest bucket list hikes in California that must be done if you are an avid hiker and outdoor adventurer.

Hungry Packer Lake

A beautiful lake located in the heart of California and is tucked up against the eastern Sierra crest in the Sabrina Basin. The beautiful mountain lake deep in the John Muir Wilderness offers exciting fishing for rainbow and brook trout. It is agreat camping destination, there are numerous other excellent fishing lakes in the vicinity.

Lake Sabrina

A beautiful lake created by damming the middle fork of Bishop Creek in the Inyo National Forest. The dam was built in 1907–8 to supply a constant flow of water to the hydraulic power plants. The lake is part of the Bishop Creek system. It is one of the iconic tourist destination for a camping and also there are so many other interesting leisure opportunities too.

Lone Pine Lake

Lone Pine Lake is located in the Inyo National Forest in Southern California and makes for a perfect day hike to explore the Eastern Sierra's. This lake sits on a ridge above Whitney Portal. Once you get there, take your time and enjoy the lake and its majestic surrounding, which includes huge boulders, sheer granite cliffs, and evergreens.

North Lake camping

North Lake Campground is situated among the trees and adjacent to the north fork of Bishop Creek. It is a lovely campground - all 11 campsites have shade among the tall Jeffery and Lodgepole pines. Three of the sites are very short walk-in's. The remainder have small parking spots at the sites. The road to North Lke is partially paved and partially gravel and is narrow and winding.

Owens Lake

Owens Lake is a dry lake at the terminus of the Owens River just west of Death Valley and on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada. It is the largest single source of dust pollution in the United States. The lake was the epicenter of a magnitude 5.8 earthquake that occurred on June 24, 2020.The lake is currently a large salt flat whose surface is made of a mixture of clay, sand, and a variety of minerals including halite, burkeite, mirabilite, thenardite, and trona.

Palisade Glacier

Palisades Glacier is one of the southernmost glaciers in North America, and it sits right around 12,4000 feet. The glacier descends from the flanks of four fourteeners, or mountain peaks over 14,000 ft in elevation, including North Palisade , the highest peak of the Palisades group and the third highest peak in the Sierra Nevada overall.

Map of Lake/ River/ Ponds to explore in Inyo County