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Singrauli - Attractions You Must Visit


About Singrauli

A recently formed district in Madhya Pradesh in 2008. Historically Singrauli belonged to the princely state of Rewa, a part of the Baghelkhand region.It is rich in natural and mineral resources, covered with dense forests and inhospitable terrain in ancient times. Due to the abundance of mineral resources and Power Plants this region is also called Urjanchal.

Types of Attractions in Singrauli

List of Attractions in Singrauli

Caves Of Mada Aashin

Caves Of Mada Aashin

Outdoors- Other

Hindu Temples


This cave complex consists of two caves of which one is a temple cave and the other is an underground cave which is in the form of a pool. The temple consists of Lord Shiva statue and the statue of a goddess. The most interesting aspect is that the pool cave has an unidentified source of water and was probably used as a bathing pool in ancient times.

Map of attractions in Singrauli


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