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Top 4 attractions to explore in Sagar

A beautiful district in the state of Madhya Pradesh which is the third most populous after  Indore and Jabalpur.

Attractions in Sagar

EranEran, Madhya Pradesh, India

Eran is an ancient town and archaeological site in the Sagar district. It was one of the ancient mints for Indian dynasties as evidenced by the diverse coins excavated here.  The site has 5th and 6th-century Gupta era temples and monuments, particularly the colossal stone boar with sages and scholars depicted on the body of the sculpture. Also there are so many other attractions here.

Lakha Banjara LakeLakha Banjara Lake, Kakaganj, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh

Lakha Banjara Lake is a serene water body transforming into a place of hustle-bustle in the evening. The calm and blue water of Lakha Banjara Lake is a great place to attain tranquillity and is a really fun place to interact with locals in the evenings. There are also boat rides and so many other things to explore around this lake.

Rahatgarh FortSagar, Madhya Pradesh 470119, India

This is an old fort which was located in the heart of the Sagar district and It is situated on the top of the northwest peak along with the range of hills. It was originally built by Sultan Muhamad Khan. This ancient fort is once the glory of Sagar but now it was now in a ruined state.  There is also a pond in the foot of the fort.

Rahatgarh Waterfalls / Bhalkund JalprapatBina River,, Gazikheda, Madhya Pradesh 470119, India

This is a beautiful waterfalls located in the heart of sagar. Surrounded by lush green trees and dotted with ancient rocks. One can also see the historical fort of Rahatgarh which is some kilometers away from here.

Map of attractions in Sagar