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Top 7 attractions you must visit in Rewa

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About Rewa

Rewa District is a district of the Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The city of Rewa is the district headquarters. Rewa is also known as the land of white tigers. Madhya Pradesh's only Sainik School is also situated in Rewa. And white tiger safari.

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Attractions in Rewa
Bahuti Waterfall (kadha)Rewa, Sumeda Kalan, Madhya Pradesh 486331, India
Outdoors- Other

This is the highest waterfall in Madhya Pradesh which was on the river Sellar as it rushes down the edge of the Valley of Mauganj to join the Bihad River, which is a tributary of Tamsa or Tons River. It is an example of a nick point caused by rejuvenation. It has a height of 198 meters.

Chachai waterfallBeehar River, Chachai, Madhya Pradesh 486448, India
Outdoors- Other

Chachai falls are more than 130 meters in height and are situated on River Bihad. These falls are the second highest waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh and is counted amongst one of the highest single-drop waterfalls in India.

Govindgarh PalaceGovindgarh, Madhya Pradesh 486550, India
Man-made Structures- Other

Govindgarh Palace was a summer retreat to the King of Rewa as it is surrounded by some enchanting waterfalls. The construction dates back to the year 1882 AD, and this palace is a work of the Baghela Dynasty. This palace is also considered as Mini Vrindavan and is famous for the Sundreja Mangoes and its breezy location.

Keoti FallsKeoti Falls, Madhya Pradesh
Outdoors- Other

Keoti falls are formed when River Mahana which is a tributary of River Tons descends down the Rewa Plateau. The total height of this waterfall is 130 m. Many adventure sports are available which will surely attract many tourists. It is an ideal place for a day out owing to its scenic beauty.Keoti Falls is an example of a nick point caused by rejuvenation.

Purwa FallsPurwa Falls, Purwa, Madhya Pradesh 486445
Outdoors- Other

Purwa Falls is a vertical fall of 70 metres when River Tons comes down through Rewa Plateau. It has religious significance according to Hindu mythology as it is close to many places associated with the Epic Ramayana. It is an awe-inspiring picnic spot and is also near to the holy pilgrimage of Basawan Mana.

Rewa FortUprahti, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh 486001, India
Budget Stays
Lake/ River/ Ponds
Man-made Structures- Other
Old Ruins

This main tourist attraction of Rewa was built by Salim Shah. The canon, royal silver throne, museum hall's chandelier, arms gallery and the white tiger gallery are some of the interesting sites. There are two rivers behind the fort which gives the necessary scenic beauty to the fort. The arch gate known as Gorgi Gate is a good example of Indian architecture. This Fort also provides accommodations for tourists and it also houses a restaurant and a museum.

White Tiger Safari & Zoo, Mukundpur, Rewa, Madhya PradeshPanna Khajuraho Rd, near White Tiger Resort, Mukundpur, Madhya Pradesh 485775, India
Outdoors- Other
Wildlife Safari Spots
Wildlife Sanctuaries

India’s maiden White Tiger Safari is a treat for wildlife lovers. Located in the heart of India, this beautiful place is surrounded by water bodies at one end and by the forest at the other . You will find sights to cherish for a lifetime and feel the thrill of spotting the ‘King of the Jungle ’out in the open! Apart from white tigers, the zoo is also home to other animals like bears, black bucks, lions and more.

Map of attractions in Rewa