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Top 5 attractions to explore in Burhanpur

A district in Madhyapradesh which was created on 15 August 2003 situated on the bank of river Tapti. This historical city was founded in about 1400 AD.   It has a number of mosques, tombs and Places of historical values.

Attractions in Burhanpur

Hammam KhanaSatkhira - Kalaroa Rd, Ishwaripur, Bangladesh

This is the royal bath specifically built for Shah Jahan's wife to enjoy a luxurious bath in water constructed during Mughal Period. The Hammam is beautifully decorated with paintings on honey comb work. Even today, the ceiling has many intricate paintings.

AhukhanaAhukhana, Madhya Pradesh 450331, India

Aahukhana is an archaeological site in the heart of Burhanpur. There is so many things to see and study around this place. One who visits Burhanpur should visit this place.

Asirgarh FortAsha Devi Road, Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh 450221, India

It is an Indian fort located in Satpura ranges of Burhanpur built by Asa Ahir of the Ahir dynasty in the 15th Century. This fort holds immense importance for history lovers as well as for those who wish to simply explore the beauty of a monument that once held esteem and prestige and architectural beauty.

Dargah-E-HakimiLalbag Ryt, Madhya Pradesh 450331, India

This is the dargah of  Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin. It is one of the holiest places for the Dawoodi Bohra Muslims. This mausoleum was constructed in pure white marble which is an outstanding example of Mughal architecture. The Dargah and the surroundings are very well maintained and lot of tourists come here to see this architectural beauty every day.

Shahi QilaShahi Qila, Monin Pura, Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh 450331, India

The Shahi Qila was a majestic palace in Burhanpur located to the east of the Tapti River built by rulers of the Farooqi Dynasty. A seven-storied monument, the fort itself is often called Bhoolbhoolaiya because of its vast, confusing architecture.  There are a lot of tourists visiting this place every day to experience this architectural beauty.

Map of attractions in Burhanpur