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3 Notable Architectures to Explore in Ashoknagar

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A district in Madhya Pradesh on the northern part which comes under the northern part of Malwa plateau,

Notable Architectures to Explore in Ashoknagar

Chanderi Fort Palace

The Chanderi Fort is the most conspicuous monument in this ancient town. The Chanderi Fort dates back to the Mughal Period. The Muslim rulers took a lot of initiative to construct the fortification walls of the fort. The Mahals within the fort were built by the Bundela chiefs.

Kati Ghati

Kati Ghati is located in the ancient town of Chanderi, in the district of Ashoknagar. this particular impressive large gate has been in a successful manner cut out of the live standing huge rock of the hill range which is nearly 85 feet wide and 30 feet high and which encloses this small town.

Koshak Mahal

The Koshak Mahal is located in the ancient town of Chanderi. It is an important historical and architectural monument of this particular region. It was constructed by Mahmud Khilji of Malwa. The architecture of the Koshak Mahal, Chanderi bears a lot of resemblance to the architecture of Mandu.

Map of Notable Architectures to explore in Ashoknagar